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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blogger Dictionary Anyone???

So apparently I am the career woman, and in being the career woman, you would think that I would know a little something about technology...right? Well that's what we thought too, until we decided to "post." Could somebody out there in this "blogger community," please explain to us, (or moreso, me, Career Woman) what exactly is an "opening tag" and a "closing tag." And what the hell could we have possible done that made them not match (so says the "html" God of blogging)?!?!

Apparently, the two of us, Housewife and Career Woman are tired from our long days. We have posted our first posts EVER, yay us! In the midst of creating this site, we have shared a desk chair, a little laptop that has caused our fingers to perspirate on the keys and "mouse" (or lack thereof) while feeding sugar, and more sugar (i.e. pixie sticks) to a 3 and 1 year old, and trampling on half-eaten pretzels and fruity pebbles. In conclusion, anyone out there whom comes acrossed our blog, could you please comment on blog terms, so that our next post may be easier than the first three.

Morgan: Nikki, do you think people will actually read this shit?

Nikki: Of course...wait until they see our pictures...Not only are we funny, smart, talented, and witty, but we ARE pretty TOO!