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Monday, February 28, 2005

Hell Week - Day 1

So here we go. Today is Day 1 of...dum dum dum..... Tryout Week. It is here and the quickness of it has blindsided me and I'm left permanently lethargic. I am going to post about last night, after the engagement party, and when Pumpkinface and I came back in our drunken stupor (actually... I was drunk, he was more coherent), and my obsessive, compulsive, anxious ridden mother was making Alex do her jumps in the kitchen. Oh yes, we began Career Woman's Cheer Camp 2006 at 10:00 p.m.

While Pumpkinface was heating us up some scrumptous left overs from the "party of the year," I was forcing my sister to jump as high as her little legs would take her. I thought that Pumpkinface was cookin' it up in the kitchen, only to notice that he was in deep concentration of my sister's cheerleading capabilities. You see, Pumpkinface is multi-talented, not only can he heat up some mean macaroni's and chicken, but he can coach and critique jumps at the same time. "Oh no Alex, you are doing it all wrong, come down on the balls of your feet like this" (as he explained that he knows this stuff because of his sister and his cousin Maryanne....isn't he the cutest!). After slight coaching from Pumpkinface, my sister was rolled up in balls of laughter on the kitchen floor and couldn't do a damn thing because her future brother-in-law was demonstrating the right way to land a jump.

We finally sent Alex to bed at 10:30 to get some of that R.E.M. sleep she will need to survive the week. The rest of us went to bed shortly after because doing jumps at 10:00 p.m., drunk, is not a good prep for a monday morning at work and an evening of Cheer Camp 2006.

Therefore, we are still in Day 1 of Hell Week. Her first tryout practice begins tonight. I think that Pumpkinface and I are going to go to mellow out this evening before she gets home. Take our money we earned yesterday at our party, put it in a joint savings account, go out for a lovely dinner and come home and attempt to survive the first night of hell week! Look forward to another post tomorrow that will divulge on tonight's course of events. Wish us luck... It's going to be a long week!

-Career Woman


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