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Saturday, February 19, 2005

How Big Daddy Got His Name!

Dear fellow bloggers,

For some reason, my little housewife neglected to inform all how Big Daddy was crowned "Big Daddy." You see, for as long as Nikki has known Big Daddy, I have known Big Daddy as well. I witnessed Nikki's lust all through high school over him and I also shared in their wedding day. I have always been close to John (Big Daddy) since Nikki and him got married. I am the God Mother to their beautiful baby girl Isabella and I am their best friend - both of them, :). The reason John got dubbed Big Daddy was for various reasons. First off, I had a slight obsession with the morning talk show - Regis and Kelly. Kelly always referred to Regis as her "Big Daddy," because she loved him a platonic short of way - Kelly's married, kids of her own, but she loves her Big Daddy. I am a lot like Kelly if I do say so myself - pretty, skinny (not so much anymore), nice dresser, and in a relationship - (remember Pumpkinface? - love him, I think we need a picture of him). I look up to John as a father figure for me the way Kelly does to Regis and thought that that would be a good name for John. As I mentioned, he is like a protector me, such as sometimes I have to stay at their house and I sleep in their bed and they sleep on the floor when I've had too much to drink. Only a Big Daddy would let their wife's best friend sleep in his bed while he takes the floor. I also almost choked on my vomit that night, who saved me? Big Daddy, only a "big daddy," would save his wife's best friend from choking on her own vomit. How did I get into that bed may you ask? Big Daddy carried me out of a car, up a steep STEEP (anyone whom has been at Nik's house in New Castle knows what this girl is talking about) staircase and tossed me, ever so gently I hear, on the bed. Big Daddy wiped my mouth off as I threw up, and cleaned up the vomit in which I rested my head for the night! Only a "big daddy" would clean up his wife's best friend's vomit out of her hair and wipe her mouth off.

Here is just a little, tiny brief overview of how Big Daddy got his name. We love him! You should meet him!


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