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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It Sucks to be Back Home Part II


So my daughters and I are spending 3 weeks with my Mom and Dad in New Castle. Why? Well, Big Daddy has to do business stuff in Virginia and he didn't want me to be alone in Boston, all that time. What a sarcasticly brilliant idea it was to drop me and the girls off at my parents for a WAY TOO LONG visit. Big Daddy, I know your reading this...HELP...I don't know how much longer I can hang on!

I'd like to present to you the top 10 reasons it sucks for me to be back home:

10.) I am no longer the only Housewife under one roof. This is a set up for a domestic disaster. There has already been several estrogen-spittin'-I have to have the last word in-I'm always right-bitch fights and several more are scheduled to take place over the next week. IT SUCKS TO BE BACK HOME!

9.) I have to fight my sister and my dad for usage of the internet every single evening...how's a girl supposed to effectively blog under these conditions? IT SUCKS TO BE BACK HOME!

8.) Once I do get a crack at the ole' keyboard...Someone is screaming for me to please remove my children from either, a)the top of the kitchen table, b)the basement steps ,or c) each other.

7.) Apparently it makes no difference what so ever that I gave birth to these two girls because, it is completely irrelevant that I am their mother when I'm anywhere near their grandparents. Do not hug my children and give them popsicles when I'm trying to correct them for, a) standing on your kitchen table, b)pushing each other down your steps, and c)performing as the WWF divas that just won the heavyweight title! IT SUCKS TO BE BACK HOME!

6.) As if it isn't bad enough that I have to sleep without Big Daddy by my side, I am forced to share a twin size pull out bed with 2 toddlers that cannot decide if they want to sleep with me or my mother because this somehow became an option for them during our time here. IT SUCKS TO BE BACK HOME!

5.) every time I get off the phone it is promptly followed by my mother asking "Who was that, what did they want?" IT SUCKS TO BE BACK HOME!

4.) For some reason every person in this household finds it necessary to scream at the top of their lungs during normal conversation to the person sitting right next to them! IT SUCKS TO BE BACK HOME!

3.) Currently there are 6 people trying to function in this household and there is only ONE bathroom. And yes I did double-count just to make sure, and YES, there is only one bathroom. IT SUCKS TO BE BACK HOME!

2.) I am going to change my name. I am not going to tell my mother what I changed it to. I refuse to listen to her calling me away from what ever it is I'm trying to do, just to have her say something to me like..."my nose is itchy." IT SUCKS TO BE BACK HOME!

And the number one reason it sucks to be back home is...I have another week of this insanity left! IT SUCKS TO BE BACK HOME!


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