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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It Sucks to be Back Home!

As most of you know, I, Career Woman have moved back into my 'rents bungalow. Due to the fact that we are trying to save for a wedding, I have decided to move back home and save some dough for our big hoopla and future together! When I went away to Duquesne, I lived there for four years with my wonderful roommates (big Ups to Car, D, and Kristin), then I moved back home for a year then moved in with K.E. down Gram's! That was fun. Then we had the flood of 2004 and had to relocate so K.E. and I moved into Housewife's home while she was living in Boston. Fun Fun Fun. Although I did not sleep there often, I spent most of my night's at Pumpkinface's house, we had a good time. It was our own little house and boy did we begin to feel responsible. Then Pumpkinface popped the question and that frivilous spending we all love so much, went, whoop, right out the window. So I am back at home with my awesome Mom and Dad and the spawns of satan - a.k.a. Alex and Pooh.

Below is a list of my top ten reasons that living at home SUCKS major MAJOR ass!
10. You are required to join in on family days once a week with your new fiance, b/c "that's how Italians do it!, and my house, my rules." - it sucks to be back home!
9. You get to hear those ever-loving sentences that begin with "As long as you are living under my roof...." - it sucks to be back home!
8. Sleeping in is barely possible, because with a house full of teenagers and elementary schoolers, honestly who sleeps in? - it sucks to be back home!
7. When you go to answer the house phone, sure it is for you, you hear "hello multiplied by 4" on the other phone in the house, determined that this call must be for them and not you b/c "you are ALWAYS on your cell phone!" - it sucks to be back home!
6. You can only imagine how many times your mother says your name when you move back in, it's enough to make you want to change it!- it sucks to be back home!
5. When you walk out the door and hear "Where are you going?" - ugh, is nothing a secret anymore? -it sucks to be back home!
4. When you walk out of the house and hear "What time do you think you will be home?" -nothing is obviously a secret anymore! -it sucks to be back home!
3. After a long night of heavy drinking with the gang, and you have to go to use one of the four, count them people, 1-2-3-4 bathrooms in your house, every freakin' one is full! - it sucks to be back home!
2. When you stumble up the stairs to your bedroom and your mother walks out of her room and says "Drunk again?" - it sucks to be back home!
1. When your mother says, "You are NOT, I repeat, NOT, leaving this house until your room is clean" - it sucks to be back home!

I love them mad, peeps, but sometimes a girl, or a 23 year old woman needs her privacy. Mad shout outs to ma and pa for supplyin' the grub though, mmmm mmm cause you all know this girl lovessss to eat!


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