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Friday, February 18, 2005

Meet Big Daddy

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~Hello everyone! As you know I am Housewife and in order to be a housewife, you of course have to be a wife! So I'd like to introduce you to the man that has made this all possible, my husband John, aka Big Daddy! Big Daddy, take a bow. Thank You.
~Most of you all know me, but for those of you that don't and just want to come to our site to see the pretty girls(and I don't blame you, because WE ARE PRETTY), I'll get you all caught up to this point.
~I met Big Daddy when I was in 10th grade. Big Daddy was a senior at a different school - same town. (I'll save the cute story of how we met for a different post - different time.) I'll leave out the really dramatic, drawn out story that should be inserted...riiiiiight abooooout...NOW... And just say that Big Daddy went off to the Army, out of arms reach but NEVER far from my mind. We ended up in different relationships and lost touch.
~About three years later as I sit in my dorm room at 4:00a.m. entertaining my roomate's overnight guest because she fell asleep and he liked to talk, a lot, and I couldn't sleep with a strange man in our room, I decided to strike up some conversation with him.

Housewife: So, Ronnie...whereyafrom?

Ronnie: New Castle

Housewife: (gasp) hmmm, me too....where'dyagotoschool?

Ronnie: Union

Housewife: (bigger gasp) hmmmmm, I know some people from Union. Do know Big Daddy? (ok, I didn't really say Big Daddy, but ya know.)

Ronnie: Oh yeah! I grew up right next to him, my back yard and his front yard meet!

Housewife: (gasp so big, I nearly lost my breath) REALLY? (THIS IS EFFING FATE!!!! ok, Nikki, here's your chance...squeeze him like an orange in a juicer until he squirts out every little bit of information you've been longing to know about Big Daddy) Hmmm, is he still in the Army?

Ronnie: Yep, his mom just told my mom the other day that he might be getting out in a few months...he is stationed in Hawaii, ya know.

Housewife: Ya don't say...(OMG, I don't believe this! Is this really happening? Big Daddy, Big Daddy Big Daddy!!!!! AAAHHHHH)

~Alright, so we all have our moments of weekness....I jumped out of my bed - onto the floor next to a total stranger- completely spilled my guts about how in love with Big Daddy I am-basically begged him to call Big Daddy's house and get some sort of contact information for him-followed Ronnie around campus that whole afternoon,making sure he did not forget to call-jumped for joy and hugged and kissed him when he delivered to me that glorious e-mail address for Big Daddy!
~It turns out Big Daddy was just as excited to hear from me as I was to have found out how to contact him. We kept in touch over the phone (waking each other up at odd times of the night.Damn that 6 hour time difference) for the next 4 months...longing to see each other again.
The day finally came and we made arrangements for me to pick him up at the Pittsburgh International Airport on March 31st 2000!
~Like a perfect scene on a movie screen, (words from "our song"- a billion points for the person who can tell what song it is - nothin' like a little trivia) we reunited at the terminal. Go ahead, picture it...nervous housewife pacing back and forth wondering if he'll recognize me. Big Daddy, just as nervous (he swears they let him off the plane last, on purpose.) The plane is unloading, passengers are fighting through the crowd trying to find their loved ones. We spot each other, at the same exact time, our eyes lock together. (que in sappy soap opera music) Our arms open wide, we run toward each other in slow motion, tight embrace, I'm spinning around with my feet off the ground...it felt so right! AAAAhhhhh...I love to re-live that moment!
~So we get married exactly one year later on March 31st 2001... I know, it's too cute! Over the course of the next 3 years...We have 2 children that we are raising in our own home, in our hometown, we both have really good jobs, life is grand. Dum, Dum, Dum....Big Daddy gets a once in a lifetime job opportunity that would provide enough money for me to quit my job and really raise my kids and truly become...THE HOUSEWIFE. One itty bitty catch...it's in Boston!
~So after weeks of hell trying to come to the right decision...we decide we can't pass up this chance and if all else fails we'll still have each other. So the picture above was taken at the Jimmy Buffett concert in Pittsburgh 3 days before our big move to Boston. We've lived there for about 5 months now and no I don't "Pahk my cah in the yahd at Hahvahd"
~There you have it...why Housewife lives in Massachusetts...why I am Housewife and most importantly you have met Big Daddy. Thank you. Goodbye.

Nikki: Morgan, you are not aloud to play the trivia game, I know you know our song, but I will give a billion points to you anyways, just for being pretty!


  • At 9:51 PM, Blogger Mirella said…

    "Me and You" by Kenny Chesney. I ROCK!

  • At 10:47 AM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

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  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    That damn Mirella! I knew that and was thinking the whole time reading this that "I know the answer, I know the answer!," eh... I'll stand for a billion points b/c I am pretty! Thanks bye!
    - Career Woman

  • At 1:54 PM, Anonymous big daddy said…

    that was the longest flight from hawaii to pitt. and let me tell u bout how long that hallway or bridge whatever u want to call it coming from the plane to the terminal was. it felt like it was getting long and the closer i got to the end of it, it kept getting longer. by the time i got to the end i was out of breath, dizzy and my heart was pounding harder than any work out i have ever done. and there she was my beautiful wife. the nerves left and the calm took over like we never seperated and from that moment i knew it was always meant to be. luv u snickers

  • At 6:30 AM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    Notice Big Daddy's hand?!?! It's obvious that Big Daddy "do as he want bitches"
    -Career Woman

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