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Friday, February 18, 2005

The Proposal

As most of you know, I am ENGAGED! That's right ladies and gentleman, I am getting married. Not only am I getting married, but I am marrying the LOVE OF MY LIFE. Housewife can vouge for this...right Nik? Anyways, I thought that I would tell all our readers the story of the proposal. For those of you who know me, the events won't come as much of a surprise and while you're reading this, please don't think of me as a royal beyatch, wait... nevermind, yep I am!

Well again, for those of you who know me, you already know that I have been in love with Eddie for my ENTIRE life and if you don't - I have been in love with Eddie for my entire life. We went to high school together and were pretty good friends. Housewife and I always secretly lusted after him which we later found out to not be much of a secret, but we did and he LOVED it. Eddie and I had a few go-arounds of a relationship throughout our college years, but we finally fell in love over our Easter break, back in that wonderful town of New Castle, PA and the rest is history. I won't bore you all again with the story of our relationship, because the only people probably reading this are the people whom have listened in on my hour upon hour conversations about my little Pumpkinface (that's his nickname...he's actually grown to love it). Also, if you have viewed my wedding website on theknot.com, you know this story, but continue on... I've added some for the sake of my loyal followers. So, I'll begin this post with my proposal - try not to cry....okay go ahead cry, he loves me!

For the two weeks leading up to Christmas, Pumpkinface played the card of having no idea what to get me for Christmas. I, of course, gave him a lot of ideas consisting of: a new puppy (that was a "no") (very important part of the story, please remember this), a new watch, and a nice new pair of white gold/platinum earrings...with diamonds of course. He took his "mama," as he refers to her up to the jewelry store to supposedly pick me out two of the things I had written on my christmas list to Jolly St. Eddie, oops, I mean Pumpkinface.

So Pumpkinface just called, he says he won't give a speech at our engagement party in two weeks. He is no-longer Pumpkinface.

Eddie and his mom came up with a little ploy, if you will, for him to take me to the jewelry store to pick from a few watches because he decided that there were too many for him to choose from. Then he would see if I went towards the rings. Being the typical girl, I glanced at those rings from across the room as if not to scare him off if I ran over there, but much to my surprise, he inferred we go check out the rings. So we did, and he said that it would be good for "future reference," if I told him the type of ring I wanted therefore, I explained: "I want a big ass ring, princess cut, white-gold or platinum with baggets (sp)."

I thought it was a gracious offer to want to find out my "style," but I also found it to be sligthly torturing because I never thought he wanted to spring for a ring this soon! Well apparently he did! We left the jewelry store, me, pretending as though I had totally forgotten what had just happen, but inside, dying - DYING I tell you with desire to have a ring for Christmas.

We had to go up to the Grove City Outlets to do some shopping (little shout-out to K.E. for she used to be the marketing manager there, now she's in Atlanta....getting off track, stay with it Morgan). Eddie wanted to go to the jewelry store up there! This is where I started getting a little pissed. "Stop torturing me!," I yelled. He laughed. And then continued torturing me. He decided that he liked the $129.99 ring (here, I almost pooped my pants.... is he serious?), but then I realized it didn't matter because I wasn't getting ANYTHING anyways.

Pumpkinface just called, awe he loves me, back to Pumpkinface!

So we went home later that night. I took a little nap and over heard him and his mom talking. Pumpkinface was very forward in discussing getting engaged with me and making it out to be a joke. He would ask me my ring size, and "what type did you want again?" And my responses would always be the same, "shut up, you're an asshole." He knew that if he kept talking about a ring, I would never think that I was getting one... Good Job Pumpkinface.

On Christmas Eve, I got dressed and went down his house because we had a lot of running around to do. (ah the joys of being in a relationship for the holidays!) I went down his house around 2 or so and was wondering why most of his family members were down there so early. I was in a bad mood, of course (doesn't that always happen and make you feel like an ass), and Pumpkinface made a comment about the belt I had on with my pants. I snapped, just a little and he looked like he didn't know what hit him, and then he said that he bought me a puppy! I began to cheer up but implied that he was lying. He told me to go look in his closet it was in there. I stomped in his room, knowing there was not going to be a puppy, but desperately hoping so. I went in his room and in his Mariah Carey-Style walk-in closet was a big box in the shape of a house with little snow on the roof, santa clause, the whole christmas nine yards. Let me tell you that this box definately could have held a pup! But the box wasn't moving. Uh oh, I think he killed the puppy. I said "Pumpkinface, if you got me a puppy, you freakin' suffocated it because the box is not moving." He used his patient i'd-like-to-kill-you-but-i-won't tone with me and said "Baby, just open the box." So I did, low and behold, there was a puppy, but it wasn't real. I reminded him of this and he asked me to take it out of the box. I took it out and it was wrapped in a blanket, I unwrapped the blanket and there was a big red bow tied around it's collar, on the bow, was my RING, my HUGE ASS, MOST BEAUTIFUL RING, FOR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON RING with everything that I wanted and more. My mouth dropped open and I think my exactly words were "Shut up! Are you kidding me?! If this is a joke, it is a really mean joke!" He asked me to press the paw... Guess what it did?! It danced and sang to "My Girl" by the Temptations - I love those damn Temptations and I love that damn song! I turned around, he got down on one knee and said the four most beautiful words I have ever heard thus far in my life "Will you marry me?" OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS MAN! I said "YES!" and we hugged and kissed and called my mom and told his mom and then started planning from that moment! I also make him practice his vows weekly! We're in love!

I hope you have all enjoyed the story of my proposal. For those of you who know me, this is my dream come true. I think I can do a damn commercial for Disney World or something! I'll keep you all updated on the wedding plans!

Morgan: Nikki, um, I love him!


  • At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Housewife said…

    You can certainly do a commercial for Disney "Dreams Do Come True!"
    I mean of course, he asked you to marry him, your pretty!

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