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Monday, February 28, 2005

Weekend Update

Housewife and I had a pretty eventful weekend ya'll! Friday night, as you saw, was what we like to refer to as "Nikki's first night out in a long ass time!" Pumpkinface worked and Big Daddy was still in Boston, so Housewife and I decided to go out for dinner and have a couple drinks, afterall, we deserved it! Notice I said "couple" of drinks. Housewife truly is a "housewife" and does not get out very often therefore those "couple" of drinks, really did her in. (Please refer back to previous post - A Night Out).

Friday night was fun. We ran into an old danceliner, and remembered the good times (Please refer back to previous post - Remember When). Good times. Good times. Saturday, Pumpkinface and I went shopping for our ENGAGEMENT PARTY - yey us! Therefore, Sunday was our engagement party. It might just have been one of the best times ever. We have the most awesome family and friends out there- honestly. We got a cookie recipe book that all his aunts are going to make for our reception, engraved pictures frames with our names and FUTURE initials (hehe) out the wazoo, we also got our cake cutting "things" engraved with our date, names, etc... We got two sets of engraved champagne glasses for our toasts - absolutely beautiful thanks much! A true silver platter engraved, champagne, wine, and like 8 million wine glasses out the ass! We got all the color candles that we need with their favorite sayings from my favorite future sister-in-law ever! Eddie and I got a football platter from Kristen and Carly, he was pretty excited about that one. One of the two best gifts came from my mom and dad and Pumpkinface's. My mom and dad engraved a door knocker that we will put on our first home with our future last name and "Est. 2006." I know, all of you are getting so teary-eyed, hold it in kids! And Eddie's mom and dad got us the aisle runner that is going to be embroidered and hand painted with our special saying on it painted in the color of our wedding. I fell in love with it the first moment I saw it! We received so much stuff I can't even tell you - 50 gifts or so, no crap and the mulah (money), sweet jesus, it was like a reception all over again (er, before or something). I just want to send a special shout out to everyone involved, and how huge is our wedding party - our friends and family are awesome and we love you all very VERY much! Thank you for sharing in such a special day and we definately look forward to planning everything with all of you! Much Love!

And don't worry all.. the pictures will be posted as soon as Housewife gets back to Boston with her adapter/attacher thingy! You will soon get to see the most beautiful wedding party ever!


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