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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Confessions of a Housewife

~I only wish I could provide all of you with tactful and useful advice about beauty and style such as my talented Career Woman. But I'm sorry to say that the only truly good advice I could provide is about my impeccable child rearing skills. And because I'm almost certain that NONE of my current readers have children or plan on having children anytime in the near future, I won't even bother. However with the recent pregnancy epidemic that my dear Rachael has been talking about, some of you may need to heed my advice sometime soon. If any of you decide to reproduce, let me know, I'll gladly begin a segment about raising children. But until then my friends, I will leave you with this: Confessions of a Housewife.
~I'm not promising a weekly post under this genre, but I will post as I see fit. It is not often that someone of such perfection actually has something to confess about (wink, wink).

So for my first (randomly posted) Confessions of a Housewife (drum roll,please)

I am slightly addicted to Blogs. Not just my own blog, that would be OK. I am addicted to other people's blogs. The reason why, is my confession: Reading about other peoples lives is sick guilty pleasure. It's like reading their diary or something. Only not quite as fulfilling because I don't have to sneak to do it. Yikes! The truth is scary. I realized that I had a problem when I waited until everyone was asleep in my house last night and I tip toed to my computer and sat in front of it for hours reading about other peoples lives and actually enjoyed it! The good news is, I wouldn't have kept reading if they weren't so darn funny! That tells me that I'm not really a sick minded person, I'm reading for laughs, not to domineer the lives of others. Uh, I feel better already. This confession thing just may work out for me.

Ooh, IDEA! This could be the confessional post. Let's hear all about YOUR sick blog addictions. That way we'll all feel better! :) Then I'll feel better knowing I'm not the only one. Gosh, I hope I get some comments on this , now. Hmmmm.


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