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Friday, March 11, 2005

Confessions of a Housewife

My bed is half made, I have not unloaded the dishwasher yet this morning, and my children are beating each other into oblivion (whom I've asked not to bother me unless someone is bleeding.) And of course instead of attending to my Housewife-ish duties, I am blogging. But that's not what I came here to tell you.

~My true confession is this: This morning at 6:30a.m. as I stumbled to my kitchen to put my oatmeal in the microwave (because I do not have patience for boiling water at 6:30 in the morning) something to my utter horror was in there. It was a little Dora the Explorer bowl filled with spaghetti O's. Oh No. My heart stopped. Why? Possibly because I am the most terrible person in the whole entire world.

~Last night during dinner as Big Daddy and I ate pork roast, mashed potatoes and veggies my children had the usual spaghetti O's and this is only because I refused to give them cereal for dinner (THIS IS ALL THEY WILL EAT PEOPLE!) Isabella was still hungry and asked for more spaghetti O's (I hesitated because this is actually the second dinner she had for the evening and she is notorious for leaving her seconds untouched at the table) but I got up, opened a jar, put them in the microwave for 30 seconds, and sat back down at the table. Obviosly I forgot that I had done this and made myself think that Isabella had her second jar of spaghetti O's.

~Here's the part that makes this absolutely devistating for me: Isabella cried after I cleared the dinner plates from the table last night because she was still hungry. Big Daddy yelled at her saying "You need to learn to eat real food with the rest of us, if you were still hungry you could have had what Mommy and Daddy were eating." Usually I step in, baby the child, and give her whatever she wants. However, I have learned that "parenting differences" are the root of all evil and they will start a fight at the drop of a hat. So I let Big Daddy have the final say and ignored Isabella's cries. Reassuring myself the whole time that she really can't be that hungry because she ate about 5 bowls of cereal for her 1st dinner at 6:00p.m. and (so I thought) 2 bowls of spaghetti O's for her second dinner at 8:oop.m.
~So, this morning when I found that little bowl of spaghetti O's that was NEVER taken out of the microwave and given to my hungry child, I just about cried!

To make up for this I will feed my child everything she wants today. Cereal, spaghetti O's, cookies, pudding, more cookies, candy, popscicles, WHATEVER she wants. When my husband comes home and says "Honey, how did the child get fat?" I'll look him right in the face and say "Why, I don't know dear."

When you see Isabella on an Oprah Special for Obese Children, do not ask any questions. We will simply sue the Spaghetti O's company.