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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Damn You Black Cats!

So apparently we have come to the bottom of all this bad luck, my family, friends, and I have been having. Damn you black cats! My precious pumpkinface hit a black cat on his way home from work Saturday...I am not one who typically believes in superstitions, but it looks as though I must start. After my dear pumpkinface decided to pummel over a black cat on the highway, it was apparent that our shitty luck had not only begun, but had taken a turn for the worse.

After the black cat was rumbled over by the black beauty (a.k.a Pumpkinface's car) this weekend, we went straight to bed. I was not a very superstitious person as of Saturday night, more obsessive compulsive if you will, and then came Sunday. After all, Saturday was a fairly nice day. I tanned, cashed a check, addressed and wrote out thank you cards, and went out for a couple drinks. All-in-all, a good day. My gram came home from the hospital that day after surgery, that appeared to go very well, and Pumpkinface and I had a lovely evening at home.

Sunday morning, we wake up, eat some lovely Dunkin' Donuts, watch alittle telly, take a nap, and then eat some rigatoni and sauce. All is well. Then we get a phone call. It's my mom. Something had happened to my gram and we need to get to the hospital immediately. We get dressed, I, in the same clothes as the night before at the bar, because I haven't anything else to toss on, no shower, and Pumpkinface and I head to the hospital. I'm a mess. When I say "mess," I mean MESS. As you all know already, my gram had a stroke on Sunday. Yes, she came home from the hospital absolutely fine on Saturday, and then Sunday, early afternoon, she has a stroke. I got to witness a few of the "stroke episodes" if you will, and they are absolutely devastating. They stablized my gram around 4:00-4:30 p.m. and she was able to talk to us and carry on a conversation. No news on how much damage had been done. But things were looking better.

We arrive home to get showers and change our grease fried clothes, and we get news that Pumpkinface's future brother-in-law's grandma had a heart attack, but was doing okay too. Thank the Lord! The episode with the black cat had never crossed my mind until the following day, Monday.

Monday, I went to work, against my wishes. I got too shaken up around noon or so and left, because what is important is to be with my gram. I left and went to Pumpkinface's house because we had a funeral to go to - (um... is this because of the cat thingy I am beginning to wonder). I started getting sick myself. After the funeral, I went and laid down a bit, to see if my stomach would settle down. Pumpkinface made me some buttered toast, and I began to feel a little better. We gave the hospital another whirl. We went up to the hospital, I was feeling fine! Gram was sleeping, but doing pretty well, so we decided that we would go eat and then come back. Never made it to the restaurant. Nope, got sick again. So we are on our way home to go lay down...again and guess what runs out on the road in front of us....ANOTHER BLACK CAT. Okay. I run into the house, and throw up! Why? Is this the work of the second black cat? Or the first one? Or am I just being crazy?

The next day, yesterday, we get some new news. Gram is not doing so good. Her vision is terrible and she isn't able to walk as of now. We don't know what is permanent damage and what is just temporary because it is too soon to tell. Please keep my grandma, as well as my family, in your thoughts and prayers. And watch out for those black cats...I am now a very superstitious.


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