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Friday, March 25, 2005

A Few New Things

First of all..................


The second thing is: My brother-in-law Chris is a school teacher and his school went to the Basketball State Playoff in Hershey PA. He and his fiance went to the game and bought Isabella and Sophia these cute little Hershey Chocolate cups with a cow hanging over the brim. Everytime she would take a drink out of it, her eyes would go crossed looking at the cow. WAY.TOO.FUNNY.

Sophia on the other hand, was a little confused. She was mistaking it as a sippy cup and was trying to suck the drink out of the cows head. SO.CUTE.

The third thing is: I actually convinced Ryan into startng his own blog. YEY ME! I'm so excited because now I get to see what Ryan is up to every day and I promise he will bring the FUNNY - cause that's just Ryan! MUAH! So go and visit him HERE

And the last think I have to say after all of this is: FOR THE LOVE OF SWEET JESUS there HAS to be a faster and easier way to post multiple pictures on one post! GOOD LORD, it took me an hour to do this!