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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hell Week - Day 2

Ouch. I'm sore. very. very. sore. Last night was the first practice for tryouts. Here's how it went...

Mom: Morgan, OMG, Alex just called from practice. It's so hard. They don't know anything. She said it is sooooo stupid. The counts don't go with the music - it's too fast. ugh! She needs a tape. I have to run her out a tape NOW! Please hurry!

So, I inform Pumpkinface that we are going to have to make dinner a quickie because my mother is brinking a panic attack. We go eat, it was horrible. (Made my belly hurt). Then we go back to my house... in the blizzard. My mother has already begun Cheer Camp 2006 for the evening. My dad informed Pumpkinface to run while he still had the chance, but he stayed... Bless his heart! So my sister and her friend were practicing their 8,000 combination jumps, which may I ask cheerleaders out there, what the hell is the purpose of combining 8,000 ugly jumps for tryouts when you only do a freakin' russian a year? Come on people. Therefore, I stepped in. Jumps, ugly. Height, ugly. Form, ugly. I had to yell. It was the first ten minutes of camp, and I had to flip out. Alex, at this point is complaining that her ankles hurt, so my mother is running around the house like a mad woman, screaming for someone to find the ankle braces, please someone find the ankle braces. We don't have time for broken ankles people!

They were getting tired, I will give them that. So I had to show them how to jump, and let me tell ya'll... this girl still got it. I stretched, (apparently not enough, due to the aches and pains I am experiencing this morning) and jumped. My ass did combination jumps, single jumps, and landed every single one like a damn pro - thank you very much (I'll be here all week). I gave the girls a break after this, (pretending they needed a break, when you know I was so out of breath I couldn't yell...or speak) and watched a little American Idol. And then Pumpkinface and I searched through our gifts and counted our money...again.

After American Idol was over, we resumed Cheer Camp 2006. A word of wisdom to all of you who are out of shape reading this, never lay down for a half an hour and then get up and attempt to do physical activity. My body was basically rigamortis (sp). But this dance routine is tough ya'll. The wackiest arm motions I have ever seen in all my life. How a person's body is supposed to go from one of these wacky-ass arm motions to the next is beyond me. Can you say pretzel? Anyways, it seems pretty difficult to remember all in one night so I used prior experience to help me out on this one. Each year, I force my sister to teach me everything, therefore I learn how to do it so I can correct her, and it helps her remember it. We go over part by part to perfect each motion and move. I have found that it helps her remember parts she may have forgotten if she is in charge, rather than getting yelled at for not knowing what the hell is going on. (Plus, there is a little repressed dancer in me, screaming, ya'll...just screaming to get out). Much better after this. Much, much better. Alex remembered the dance routine and now I have something to do in my spare time. We went through the stupid jumps one more time before she hit the sack at 10:30 and I needed a ambulance.

End of Day 1. Beginning of "I've been jumping and can't get up!" I'll keep ya updated as to how tonight unfolds. There is a two-hour delay for the schools in our area and I hope they don't cancel it. That would mean one less practice and these girls need all they can get! Have a wonderful day ya'll and attempt to get in shape. I've learned my lesson... Trust me!


  • At 6:32 AM, Blogger Erin said…

    hee hee!
    i totally want to be part of your family!

  • At 11:36 AM, Blogger poopsdaddy said…

    No you don't. The only thing missing on my Poops is a drill sargeant hat and whistle. I'm even scared and I have freedom to roam the house at will. Poor Alex is only allowed to get a drink if Morg is thirsty. GOd please help my little baby.

  • At 8:19 AM, Blogger KyH said…

    I'll clarify--combination jumps are for the torture of the person trying out & for the amusement of the person that made the jumps. Those jumps are only brought out once a year for stress purposes only.

  • At 8:47 AM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    We all know KJH knows what these girls are talkin' about!
    -Career Woman

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