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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hell Week - Day 3

Oh how time flies when you're having fun. Yah Right! We are not ready people, judges, extraordinaires. They give these children too, too much to learn in 4 days. It's just plain mean. Although, Housewife and I were once seniors many a years ago, we made up our own hellish dance routine because it was payback for the year before. We giggled the devilish laugh and threw in as many donkey kicks your little heart could imagine. But don't do it to my sister bitches. She's tired and soon, it is going to be time for me to step in.

So last night completed Day 2 of tryouts. They finally got the music for the dance - way to go people, nothing like putting it off, and they learned both chants, barely learned the cheer that is 8 miles long and last night, my sister made up her "make-up cheer." (I know you are thinking that the people who made this shit up are devil worshippers...I'm thinking the same thing). However, I was not home early enough to start Cheer Camp 2006 on my own, I had to wait until it took me an hour and a half to get home from Pittsburgh in the mother-$^%&*@# blizzard. (And I will admit to crying three times on the way home). I got home, went to the gym she was "cheer camping at," and was still in high heels from 7 a.m. that morning. It was 9:00p.m., and I was just getting starting. It's gonna be a late night...

I provided Alex with a variety of what I like to call "smart people tips," on how to remember certain areas of a cheer or dance routine. They worked, because not only am I pretty, I am smart person too. We arrived home around 10:00 p.m. and me, being still dressed in knee high boots marched her little ass into the family room to go over what we just learned. Everything that we had just accomplished went, Whoop, right out the window, one ear out the other. How the HELL does that happen. Anyways, I took a slight fit, screamed at the pooch for running around the family room, yelled at my dad because I hated the way he walked in and out of the room, and went after, I mean AFTER, my sister. I didn't hurt her I swear...it was just a, uh, er, slight warning, if you will. She caught the drift, and did a superb job after that.

I allowed her a bowl of soup after she did so well, I, myself, had a bowl of apple jacks (mmm good) and sat down and talked to Pumpkinface. Alex wasn't completely off the hook though. No. No. No. She had to read over the words and memorize while she sucked down on some chicken noodle soup. A bowl a day, keeps the sneezes away. And we don't have time for sneezes people! We went through it one more time before she hit the sack. I, myself was getting ready for bed. Just when I was ready to hit the sack, I went and whispered in her ear, ever so quietly the words to the chant she was messing up on. She yelled "Shut up!," and I said "Good Night."

I set my alarm a little early this morning. Alex gets up earlier than me because she lives her life in slow motion. I went in her room and made her recite and "mark" (dancer terms) everything that she learned yesterday and she did a good job. Yey me! I'm the smartest. She went downstairs for breakfast and much to my dismay, she did not have her blue paper out with the words, etc... Don't worry, I got them out for her and off to school she went.

This evening, my class is cancelled...look forward to an even longer post because of a late night, we're getting down to crunchtime people. Oh and a little update on my aches and pain...I definately pulled something in my back and my ass. Thank you. And have a wonderful day.


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