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Friday, March 04, 2005

Hell Week - Day 5

Dum. Dum. Dum. Here it is, D-Day...Tryouts! Alex has to tryout today after school. It will probably be a late night because there are a lot of girls and another squad trying out, and they have to pick captains - yowza - I'm already tired. But, I am happy to say she is doing very well. She is tired and has developed a slight cold, as have I, but she is ready to go.

I came home last night from class around 8:30 and we started right up. But I was not a drill sergeant last night, I am sad to say. I was more calm because she was doing well and quite frankly, I, personally, was just too tired to yell. So tonight we will see. Wish us all luck and if I do not blog at some point this weekend or monday morning, check the local t.v. stations, because I may have killed somebody. But, I do not think that will be the case. That little clone of mine, she is damn good and has worked so hard.

Tonight's events will consist of me getting off work, going tanning, out to eat for our typical "last supper" before tryouts (we refer to it as "comfort food") and then wait out the school for her to come out of that gym. Here's what I have learned throughout my years and hers...if she comes out first, we're in bad shape. Typically, the girls who do not make it, are let go, so that there can be a quick, first meeting with the new squad. My mom and I close our eyes when those girls start to exit the gym. The conversation goes something like this...

Mom: Morgan, please look, I can't look. Do you see her? oh God, please tell me you don't see her. Is that her? No. It isn't her. Please don't come out Alex. I will kill somebody if she doesn't make it. Ah, look, "so-and-so" didn't make it. I feel so bad. Oh well. She sucked anyways.

Morgan: Mom, I'm not looking. I can't look. If she comes out first, I will go after somebody in that school. Ah, "so-and-so" didn't make it. I feel bad. I will break Alex's legs if she messed up. Okay. She didn't come out.

Mom: How long should we wait until she should come out? Should she come out soon if she made it? Probably, huh? Do you think? I think. Do you think? Okay, there she is. Is she crying. YES. Are those happy tears? I can't stand it. Morgan, go ask her.

Morgan: Okay. Okay. I'm getting out. To Alex: Did you make it? SHE MADE IT! (jump up and down, hug, squeeze, then jump back in Yukon so we don't upset other little girls because we are obnoxious).

So that is somewhat of how it should look this evening. Only I better be able to jump up and down, hug, squeeze, and then jump back in the Yukon to not upset any of the girls who did not make it.

I'm stressed already. Body is shaking. I might be admitted to the hospital tonight. Please be with us!


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