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Monday, March 07, 2005

I Hate Wells Fargo

Allow me to blow a little steam, if you will.
~I'd like to start out by saying I have been punctually paying on my student loan for the last 4 years. That's right, every month on the 5th to be exact (according to my faithful checkbook) for the last 4 frickin' years I have been giving $50 to Wells Fargo Educational Services. And may I add that only $9 of that goes towards the principal (to pay SRU for a full year of higher education, that I only decided to stay for half of.) Last month however, Wells Fargo Educational Services failed to send me a bill. You know the friendly little envelope we get in the mail that some like to call the "coupon" that states when your payment's due and how much it is blah blah blah. Yeah, that. Never. Sent . To. Me. I need this bill. I need that little reminder every month that yet another person wants money from me. I do not willingly remember that 65% of Big Daddy's pay goes to people that live to suck every ounce joy from my vessels.
~As you all know, I have spent the last month in Pennsylvania. I left Massachusetts on February 6th. At this point and time I normally would have received my Wells Fargo Educational Services bill. Because, get this, I write it out on the 5th of every month. Also at this point and time, I was not really thinking about my Wells Fargo educational Services bill or that it might be due because...uh huh....I didn't get it in the mail. So there I sit in Pennsylvania having the grandest of all times on February 23rd...When my Grandmother, whom co-signed my student loan, called me at my parent's house. She called to inform me that she received a letter in the mail stating that my Wells Fargo Educational Services payment is past due. She also apologizes that she had been disregarding letters from Wells Fargo thinking it was junk mail, for the last few weeks and that she may have been able to inform me sooner if she hadn't thrown away the mail from them. So I take a little look-see at my check book. It was then that I discovered that, Yes, I have indeed been paying them on the 5th of every month and, No, I didn't see a payment for the month of February. I'm the type that likes to Right the Wrongs as soon as possible, so I jump on the phone to Wells Fargo Educational Services verified that my account was past due, got the exact amount due and the address to send it to and put in the mail the very next day. Good. Taken care of. No worries. Get on with my life. SO I THOUGHT!
~Two days later I get another phone call from my Grandmother, this time she seemed a little disturbed. She received another letter form Wells Fargo saying that I have not paid my bill. I assured her that it has been sent on it's way, not to worry, they surely sent it before I spoke with them. She agreed and all was well again.
~That Monday, on the 28th, my Grandmother got another letter, and of course I got another phone call from her. This time, Grandma seemed a little more firm with her words and not as sweet as usual. They sent her another bill. This time it wasn't in letter form. It was an actual "coupon" billing statement asking for March's payment and on the invoice it shows $49.99 due for March and $49.99 past due for February for a total of $99.98. I went to her house and got the letter she received on the 23rd and the billing statement that received that day. When I returned, I sat down and wrote out March's payment although it was not due until the 13th and I ignored the February charge on the statement because I had already mailed it out, several days ago. Hmmm, this is weird...why did they send the actual billing "coupon" to my Grandmother...I wonder if they sent one to me in Massachusetts. So I called my trusty neighbor in Mass and asked her to check my mail and see if I received anything from Wells Fargo. NOPE. Just as I suspected, cause come to think of it I didn't received anything for February, CAUSE I WOULD'VE PAID IT. The February billing statement must have been sent to my Grandmother for some reason and that was probably one of the first pieces of mail she got from Wells Fargo that she threw out assuming it was junk mail. Cause after all I had been paying on this loan punctually for the last 4 years. Who would have thought it had something to do with my loan?
~This is were I begin to get rather upset:
I called Wells Fargo and spoke with an Ill-advised Degenerate named Dave. Dave tells me the second I read off my account number that I had a delinquent account. "Yes, Dave. Thank you for answering my question before I even asked it. I was calling to see if you received my check yet for February's payment. Obviously not."
Dave: Did you mail in your payment?
Nikki: Of course, Dave, normally I send them via ESP telepathic communication waves, but I hear Wells Fargo isn't receptive to New Ages forces yet.
Dave: (dead silence)
Nikki: Ok, Dave. Answer me this, Why are you unexpectedly sending my Grandmother the billing statements all of the sudden? How do you expect me to pay the bill, when I'm not getting the bill?
Dave: It looks like we're sending them to the address in MASS, would this be correct?
Nikki: Yes, Dave, it would be correct if that was the address you were actually sending them to. You see, they are being sent to my Grandmother whom lives 4 states away.
Dave: Well that's not what my computer says
Nikki: Well, Dave, although that was a very intelligent answer... I'm holding in my hand a billing statement for March it is addressed to My Grandmother at her Pennsylvania Address. And I, on the other hand, did not receive a billing statement for March at my Mass Address.
Dave: That's not possible
Nikki: Oh, Dave, It's very possible.
Dave: I don't know why that happened.
Nikki: Well, Dave, that's too bad, I was really hoping you would know.
Dave: I don't know.
Nikki: Dave, could you send a memo to your billing department to see if there has been a mix up.
Dave: I don't know.
Nikki: Alright then Dave, it was nice talking to you, maybe you'll have a better day tomorrow. (hung- up)

~And there you have the story of the Ill-advised Degenerate named Dave
I completely refused to go on with him. I called my Grandmother apologized for all the confusion and promised her that I would get this all straight so that she is not bothered by it anymore.

On Wednesday March 2nd I returned from Lunch with my mother only to hear a very distraught message from my Grandmother on the answering machine. "Nikki, this is Grandma, we really need to talk, please call me as soon as you get this."
Oh Great! I didn't even bother to call, I jumped in the car and went straight to her house. When I got there she was sitting at her kitchen table with another letter from Wells Fargo, this time it was addressred to my Grandfather. She went on and on about how if I can't pay for the loan, it's ok, she'll pay it off, I just need to tell her, she doesn't want bad credit over this blah blah blah. "Gram, I already paid it! I'm paid ahead, in fact! I even sent in March's payment that's not even due yet! Please Gram, we don't need you to pay our bills, we are fine! There is just some kind of mix up!"
So Gram finally agrees that Well Fargo has no idea what they're doing and she is angry with them now. She's calling Wells Fargo. Nothing warms your heart more than hearing your Grandma tell the Ill-advised Degenerate named Dave "shove this payment letter up your ass because it's already paid and you're just trying to get a double payment out of us!"

Alright, well this will surely blow over at some point. I know I paid. They'll get it eventually. Enough is enough.

Now I'm back in Massachusetts. Gram calls me today. Yep. You guessed it. Another letter.

I am now antagonized by this ludicrous scandal! I called Wells Fargo. And you'll never believe it! The Ill-advised Degenerate named Dave answers the phone. I demanded to speak to a supervisor!

Ill-advised Degenerate Dave puts me through to Asinine Imbecile Jim who is pleasantly easier to speak to but still irritatingly stupid none the less.

Jim: Can I help you, Nicole?
Nikki: Yes, Jim...(I explain the same boring scenario that I have been explaining for the last 1600 paragraphs)
Jim: It typically takes 3-5 business days to receive a payment in the mail you know.
Nikki: Yes, Jim, thank you. I've done my math, you should have received my payment.
Jim: Actually Nicole, I see here that you told (Ill-advised Degenerate) Dave that you mailed out February's payment on 24th. It has not been 3-5 business days.
Nikki: Actually, (Asinine Imbecile) Jim, it has been 10 mailing days. You clearly should have received it. I mailed out 8 other bills the same day. All of those bills have been received and according to my bank they have been cashed on March 1st. I don't understand why you have not received my payment.
Jim: According to my computer, it has not been received.
Nikki: OK, (Asinine Imbecile) Jim, you and (Ill-advised Degenerate)Dave, obviously are having some kind of miscommunication with your "computers". They are lying to you.
Jim: (dead silence)
Nikki: Ok, Jim, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here. Perhaps this is something I need to take up US Postal Service. I'll give it until the end of this week. If you have not received my check, I will cancel it and re-issue you a new one. Now the other problem I have, is that you are sending the billing statement with the little "coupon" to my grandmother. Not me. This is causing a problem with you getting your bill on time.
Jim: No we're not.
Nikki: Yes you are.
Jim: No we're not.
Nikki: Yes you are.
Jim: My computer says that we are sending it to the Mass Address.
Nikki: I've already told you that you're computers are lying to you!
Jim: You'll need to speak with billing.
Nikki: OK, fine. Connect me through to billing.
Jim: I can't do that.
Nikki: Why not.
Jim: Our customers cannot speak directly to our billing department.
Nikki: Jim, I'm biting my tongue right now, only to avoid using explicit language in front of my children....HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO SPEAK WITH BILLING IF CUSTOMERS CANNOT SPEAK DIRECTLY WITH BILLING?
Jim: I don't know.
Nikki: (dead silence, I'm starting to hope this is a joke)
Jim: (still nothing)
Nikki: Ok, Jim, I'm a little irritated. I'm going to hang up now. I'll call every day this week to see if my check arrived. Ok. Bye.

~Now I have wasted the entire time slot for Days Of Our Lives on these obtuse flakes. I will never know what Jennifer did when she woke up and saw Jack holding her in his arms. Damn!

If any of you dear people actually took the time to read all of this...I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If any of you know what Jennifer did when she woke up and saw Jack holding her in his arms...I'll love you even more. Maybe someone out there can relate. I'll keep y'all updated. Wish me luck!



  • At 4:12 PM, Blogger KyH said…

    I hate student loans but that story was ridiculous. Lol, now I get offended by bad customer service since I'm forced to give good service all day long. You should've ripped them new one Nik! They can't hang up on you--a Liberty Lesson!

  • At 7:44 PM, Blogger Rachael said…

    Good grief!

  • At 5:54 AM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    LOL. you made me smile for the day. You're poor gram!

    Career Woman

  • At 7:30 AM, Blogger Erin said…

    oh no!
    sounds like gatewway and wells fargo have joined forces with their customer help departments.
    me: my computer did blah blah blah blah
    gateway: well, you this blah cd, thats why
    me: can you send me blah cd?
    gateway: no, its against our policy
    me: so, you are fully aware that my computer is blahing, and you have a solution for it, but its against your policy to send me blah cd to fix blah problem?
    gateway: yes
    me: shithead. click!

    i'm sorry about your stewpid loan people and sorry for your grandma. i'm good at kicking ass if you need backup!

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