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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ladder 49 and Foreign Insurance People

What a title, eh? Well I decided that I had two things to talk about today. The first is probably the best movie ever. Ladder 49. Best. Movie. Ever. Pumpkinface and I rented it yesterday after the hospital. I had to leave work early, because they decided that a stroke just wasn't enough for my grandmother and that "oh yeah, let's operate because we found a bowel obstruction too." So, they had to do emergency surgery - Thank the Lord everything came out okay, and Eddie and I decided to have a mellow night at home in front of the telly. So we went and rented Ladder 49. As I said previously.... Best. Movie. Ever. (Oh and we also bought some tubs of ice cream to snack on while we watched our movies).

A little synopsis is that this movie is based on a true story of a fire department out of Baltimore City (haha I think). Joaquin Phoenix (yowza) plays Jack Morrison, the rookie fireman for Ladder 49. The chief of the fire department people, squad, whatever is played by John Travolta (double yowza). Jack Morrison gets married, has kids, and puts himself in like, a million and one dangerous situations and I wont give away the ending because I am ordering all of you to go rent the movie now. Come on. Go-Rent-The-Movie. (And pick up The Notebook too - mmm lovely).

Now, on to the "bleep bleep bleepin' bleep foreign insurance people." I hate them with a burning, incinerating passion (im going with this firefighter thing). I am having some problems with my insurance company. I switched insurances in January because I changed jobs and got new, "better" insurance. I was covered by my new insurance in January, and had a doctor's appointment in February. I just received a letter from my doctor's office saying that my insurance does not cover me until March. Ummmm...no, I do not think so. So they put my claim into my old insurance. These people are dumb. So I had to call the old insurance and see why it was sent there first.

First off, why do foreign people who work at insurance companies speak so softly. Like little sweet old women, only they are definately chinese, swedish, norwegian, or whatever and they are men. That is right. They are men and should speak loud, and manly. But they did not and they do not. I have never once been able to understand anyone that I speak to from an insurance company when I have an inquiry. However, that is only if I can figure out how to speak to a person rather than a damn automated response. I hate robots! People, people. Please use people to help us. Robots do not understand. Maybe they have just run out of foreign people and that is why they use robots, because they can't find anybody harder to understand than the ones they already have working there.

So after 15 minutes, yes I did say 15 minutes, I finally get through to a person. He speaks in his gentle whisper. I don't want a lullaby people, I want you to tell me what the piss is the problem with my insurance! So, you all guessed it. He can't help. I need to call the school who had insured me. Great, another 15 minutes or so with another automated response. I said "screw that," and I was going to call human resources downstairs at my current place of employment. I like to talk to them anyways because they love my hair and complement my beauty. They think I'm pretty too. :) They are so helpful. God bless human resources. That lovely Helen, gave me the number to call absolutely, wonderful Priscilla. Absolutely, wonderful Priscilla, helped me out just perfectly. My card is all wrong and I am insured. (Thank Jesus), and all I had to do was call my doctor's office back and tell them just to send the claim to my insurance and that I am covered. Lovely. Wonderful. Brilliant.


  • At 1:14 PM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    A Career Woman and A Housewife said...
    When I was working (hehehehe) I had wonderful and lovely insurance. Once day the wonderful and lovely insurance decided to change the "group number" for Liberty Mutual. I was not aware of this, until I got phone call after phone call, for months, from OB/GYN (I was pregnant at the time)saying that my insurance was invalid. BULL. SHIT. So I call the wonderful and lovely insurance people who explained to me that Libery Mutual's "group number" was changed and I will be getting a new card in the mail with the correct "group number", then they gave me the correct "group number" and told me to call the doctor with it. PROBLEM FIXED.
    Don't you think they should have issued the new cards with the new "group number" before or sometime to close to the CHANGE of the "group number?" This would have avoided many problems. So then my lovely and wonderful insurance became my stupid, wonderful and lovely insurance...but still my insurance company all the same. Oh yeah....and they DID talk really, really softly...What's up with that? People suck!
    At least the girls in your HR know pretty hair when they see it, that's all that really matters.

  • At 5:25 AM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    haha, love ya
    -Career Woman


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