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Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Mall Trip

You all remember Alex right? My sister, the one who made the varisty cheerleading squad, the cute, skinny, muscular little Alex right? Well, Alex almost wasn't going to be very cute anymore after last night. My mom came up with the funny idea for me to take my sister shopping yesterday for some new jeans, etc... (because her "friend" has started visiting, and now her body is slightly altering). Excellent idea mother. I will bless my sister with a Career Woman's fashion advice, she will be styling even more, and I will pick up a few things for moi.

I expressed to my sister that although mall attire does consist of a cute, little sweatsuit, when you are trying on jeans or dress pants - some type of footwear must be worn in order to see how the pants will fit over them. Duh. Cardinal rule...hellooooo?! She fought with me and insisted on wearing tennis shoes. She is obviously but-a-pup when it comes to shopping. We finally got to the mall, fed our tummies with some chinese and to Hollister we went.

My sister has mistaken me and my family for some derivation of Donald Trump. She insists that we go outside in the backyard and pick our money off of a tree. Alex picked up the $60 Hollister jeans, with the rips and the sequins... I told myself "whatever," my mom gave her the money, she can spend it as she wishes. But the jeans, DID. NOT. FIT. HER. They were baggy in the front and baggy in the back, but for some reason, had them still in her hand at the check-out line. There went royal rumble 2. She put them back and we headed off to some other stores.

I purchased some cute dressy outfits for myself for work, school, etc. I decided that it is time to get out of the Wet Seal - Charlotte Russe faze, and move on to something better. More professional. Classy. I still can't do it. I stayed away from Charlotte Russe, but I will say that I did purchase some cute capris and pants in Wet Seal. We moved on to 5.7.9. to get Alex some jeans because she has moved (watch out people) from a size 00 to a size 0. And yes, she is upset about this. She tried on a cute pair of jeans in a size 0, fit her perfectly, and cheap too - didn't want 'em. Then she tried on another pair in size 0 and they were too tight. She would not, and I mean WOULD NOT, try a size 1. I now refer to her as anorexia nervousa. Honestly, who gets upset over a size 1? Please tell me. So we fought over that. We fought in 5.7.9., Hollister, Bath and Body Works, and PacSun.

We finally went back into Hollister to get her a pair of jeans, (not the $60 ones that did not fit her), but another pair - drove home, and then I, yes, I got yelled at for buying clothes because I am getting married in like the next century. Who says that when you reach the age of 18, you are considered an adult...talk to my mother please.


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