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Thursday, March 03, 2005

An Open Letter to Anybody Who's Day is Sucking Like Mine

FYI: I am in a horrible mood today. Nothing in particular happened, I am just pissy. Im tired though, and hungry, and I hate work, and I don't want to go do my practicum, and I don't feel like going to school tonight, and I do not want to come home and work on more cheerleading, and I am dreading, absolutely dreading tomorrow. The thought of my little sister's heart being broken because she did not make it for varisty cheerleading is nauseating. I can see why people commit capital murder. Honestly. No lie.

The only thing that is making me happy right now is blogging. Pumpkinface is working, so that sucks. My whole family is on edge, so that sucks. My gram is in the hospital, so that sucks. And all I want to do is curl up in my bed, under my covers and sleep until tomorrow. (Actually tomorrow night because I just want this tryouts bullshit to be over with), but I can't because I am stuck here at work for 3.5 more hours, doing my practicum for an hour, and driving to school for an hour, to sit through an hour and half of supervision, and this all sucks. So, instead of writing a memo to my boss asking if I could take a half a day off, I am blogging. Just hoping this would make my day go quicker and better. (It would really be nice if you stragglers would just POST SOMETHING out there because that would make mama very happy, but whatever).

Can anybody out there sympathize with me? I'd love another blizzard right about now. Cancel class. Cancel practicum. Life isn't that kind to me. Of course it snowed the shit out of itself (?) yesterday when my class was already cancelled because my professor had an early flight. Just a little quick blizzard please around 3:30 or so, that'd be lovely. It probably won't though, b/c that is just how this day of mine is going.

Do you know how mind-numbing it is here to sit here at work with nothing to do because you've done it already? Oh sure I could be an over-achiever in my work place such as I am in my schooling - but I do not plan on staying here forever, therefore, I will not bust my ass for pennies today and work ahead. No, but thank you. It would also be nice if someone else would answer the phone because I am sick and tired of listening to people mis-pronounce my boss's name, talk in a foreign language, or say "I have a couple questions and I'm not sure if you're the person I talk to about this." NO, I am not the person you talk to about this, because I do not care about your problems. Don't commit a felony and then you won't have to call this office with questions that you continue to ask a person who states "Do you have an attorney? Well, call them dum rum." Okay? Sheesh. And why don't people work during the day? Oh that's right, every degenerate in New Castle calls this office because either their degenerate selves, or their degenerate children are in jail because they're "innocent." My ass their innocent. And if they're innocent, I'm having a good day. HA!


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