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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Random Advice for Another Wednesday

Totally good advice for tanners. Okay, so you're having a blah type of day. We all have them kiddies. When your day is just bringing ya down... pick up that phone and call up a local tanning salon. Do it, NOW! There is something about a tanning bed, that even though you come out sweaty, beat red, and disgusting - you feel DAMN good about yourself! Am I right girls? I think I am.

But it is important to start off slow... Begin at 10 minutes if you are a beginner. Those tanning salon owners like to cover their own butts and put you in for like four, but lets face it people, you don't get a speck of color in four minutes. Do 10. Then build up. And for those of you who hate to be hot and sweat such as I, here is a little tip.

A lot of tanning places, have little seperate rooms each equipped with a few things. They have a towel, some cleaner, goggles, laundry basket for dirty, sweaty towel, that little "place holder" that reads "This sunbed has just been sanitized," or something to that effect, and then...da da dah - they have a fan. Here's the trick...flip over that little laundry basket and put that little, them, there fan on top of 'er and VIOLA, cooled off in approximately 45 seconds. Now go tan people, I'm going at 4:00 p.m.!


  • At 2:27 PM, Blogger Erin said…

    god. bless. you.
    you took the words right out of my mouth.
    i'm going tomorrow at 3:30 - even though i'll probably throw up on the receptionist. she deserves it - she's freakin skinny as a pole.
    a tip of mine: i don't like buying the indoor tanning lotions they try to sell you, because they cost like $50 for an ounce, SO...the Jergen's Body Shimmer lotion completely does the trik. $4 for a good-sized bottle, with a little glitter in it, and you come out browner than a bear. I use it indoors and outdoors...and I'm so freakin tan all year long. Love. It.

  • At 4:39 PM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    Golly Gee Kiddios...I REALLY need to tan! I can remember a time when my hot tan body was boomin'...it seems so long ago. It has been
    For-ev-er since I tanned. GOD I miss it! I have NO time. No babysitter in the day. Too tired after Big Daddy gets home. I have to force myself to go. I know I'll thank myself. I'm gonna do it girls! I'll by myself some Jergen's Body Shimmer and off I'll go! Thanks for the push I needed girls! You Rock!

  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger The Dirty South said…

    WOW...I'm amazed at how impersonal this world has become. It's sad that when you take time out of your day to call a "friend" to find out how their sick family member is doing, the reply you get back is an impersonal AOL instant message (3 days later I might add) basically stating they have been to busy to call you back. As the week goes on you read that the "friend" has been doing "other things" such as tanning, and that is what has kept them so busy that they could not take the 2 minutes out of their day to respond on a more personal level. Instant messenger or the telephone...which do you feel is more personal? Friends with concerns or tanning....which do you feel is more important?

  • At 6:29 PM, Blogger Rachael said…

    Dirty South - I hope you're not taking a shot at Morgan. I can see why there might be a reason she hasn't returned your call - I wouldn't call a beeyatch like you back either.

  • At 7:12 AM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    Wow, just read that one from the "dirty south." That's nice... I suppose that some things never change. Well I don't plan on replying with some witty answer as to why I never phoned you back, along with a list of friends that I haven't spoken to in a while due to everything going on. But, try some kuth (sp) and don't attach someone who is going through a lot of things right now. I apologize for being so "impersonal," but I don't really have time to shit right now, and I did take a second out of my day, before class to tan. Sorry.

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