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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Random Advice For Wednesday

The subject of this advice is "apologies." This is not a "how to apologize," rather a "how not to apologize to the ass clerk in the other office." You see, yesterday I got scolded, and I will say scolded because that is exactly what it was, by a woman who is not even employed in my office. Her royal fatness assumed that something was my responsibility when it was in fact, not. She screamed at me, embarassed me, and demanded an apology. There is where "how not to apologize to the ass clerk in the other office" comes in. When a pain in ass person says to you "...and I'm waiting for an apology," and she does not deserve it (or even if she does but she's just an asshole whom you'd rather stab yourself with a steak knife if your foot than utter an apology) you simply illict the half snort/half laugh in her face and look around, then make eye contact and say "ahha, for what?" (as if she couldn't be talking to you!) That ass-clerk-person may provide your princessness with a reason, and when she does, it is now appropriate to illicit the half snort/half laugh and follow up with a "mmmhmmm - my ass." Works like a charm. Sometimes they will throw stuff, (i.e. a wooden stool), simply ignore the toss, carry on with your business, and spin your cute, little ass around. As exiting the office, say loudly, in a drawn out tone, "What a BITCH," increasing the volume on the "bitch" part. Now, the ass clerk is even more pissed off than she was prior to the demanding of an apology. Mission Accomplished. Thank You.
-Career Woman


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