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Monday, March 21, 2005

St. Patty's Parade

South Boston's annual St. Patty's Day Parade was held yesterday. I couldn't wait to go because I'm half of an Irish Lass ya know! I was totally bummed the night before because after 5 straight days of blissful sunshine, it was supposed to rain on Sunday for the parade :( And if it rained, Big Daddy didn't want to go. But as my Irish Luck would have it......THERE WAS NO RAIN! It was near 50 degrees and beautiful! A little windy by the waterfront...but not a cloud in the sky!

If you've never been to South Boston, I'll paint the picture for you:
The south end of Boston is the Irish part of town, mostly referred to as "Southie." It's a very well-to-do area, you can't get a townhouse for under a million dollars-no joke. It is distinguished by Victorian brownstones that also will not sell under a million. About 3/4 of every Massachusetts politician lives in Southie. And in all of it's wealth, you will not cross a corner without seeing an Irish Pub. Southie also houses some of the best restaurants in Boston.
Oh and it has a rather large Gay community and when I say gay I'm not referring to happy little drunk, Irish, leprechauns. Or am I?

The parade was awesome. It's the second largest in the US, taking the back seat to New York City's St. Patrick's Parade. And what made it all the more interesting is...in Boston you are allowed to drink alcohol, in the streets, if it is in a plastic cup... Drunks. Every. Where.
We were assured by the local residents that the only time you'll see this many drunks roaming the streets in Southie is during this parade...it's the day they can pay tribute to their heritage and not ruin their social status by bonging for the news camera's.

The highlight of the parade for Isabella and Sophia were the beautiful horses...hundreds of them......The highlight for Big Daddy and I was when the group of drunk guys next to us, were yelling "certain things" to one of the girls on the Guinness Beer float and she in return (obviously drunk herself, holding a "plastic cup") yells at the top of her lungs into the crowd that is mind you, full of CHILDREN..... "Go Fuckin' Do It To Yourselves!" It was classic!

So here we are, all gussied-up for Shamrock Day!
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  • At 7:54 AM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    love them love them love them love them love them love them... and how cute is SOPHIA. lol

  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger KE said…

    I spent St. Patty's Day on my couch with my "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt on, alone and sober. Glad someone enjoyed it!
    And quit making such beautiful babies - save some room for our kids to be pretty too!

  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger Erin said…

    i love the boa!
    i wish i got to go a parade...can i be one of your kids? haha, well...you aren't even close to being old enough to be my mom, but still...you do fun things...i'm moving in with you

  • At 12:38 PM, Blogger Rachael said…


  • At 2:52 PM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    Here are some kisses for you,XOXOXOX and if my friends would just hurry up and have some babies (wink,wink) then maybe I would cut y'all some slack, LOL
    LOVE YA!!!!!

    I was so super fly in my green boa! Thanks for noticing!
    Come on up to New England,baby...I sure could use a good babysitter! LOL


  • At 4:07 PM, Blogger The Dirty South said…

    Well let me fill ya'll in on my St. Patty's Day experience. By understanding my blogger name....ya'll can probaly figure out that I in fact live in the DIRTY SOUTH...also known as Atlanta.
    -First, let me give ya'll a little background on the DIRTY SOUTH so you can in fact find the humor in my blog. The DIRTY SOUTH is home to anything you can possibly think of...the 1996 Olympics, the Braves, CNN (which is where I will be interning), KE and I of course, a crazy man who went apeshit in the courthouse, the largest gay population in the Southeast U.S., KE's new fabulous Coach bag, rappers (any african american man in Atlanta, also known as Ballers), Peachtree Road, Lenox Mall, about 4.7 million people, and the infamous gangster hoe clique (also known to the locals as the GHC...these african american girls are of their own breed, they wear clothes that are too tight for their apple bottoms, carry around apple martinis with cherries in them and walk pigeoned toed. There is always at least one large girl known as StarKysha and one Escaladdae in the group and their famous qoute is "what had happened was." You can usually find these girls up at Twist on a friday night spending their Kroger paychecks to look cool). Sorry I got off track...I am just trying to paint a picture of the DIRTY SOUTH, but now that I have done that I can get on to my St. Patty's Day story.
    -The day started off with a phone call from my friend Trae, who asked if I wanted to meet him at one of the few Irish pubs (Fado's) in the DIRTY SOUTH. Known all over the city for it's huge St. Patty's Day celebration, I knew it would be crazy to try to go there. So at about 7 I met up with Trae at Fado's. Well let me just tell you, the line to get in was around 15 miles long (no joke). They had a huge tent set up out back and bands playing, which Q100 brodcasted live to the 4.7 million people in the DIRTY SOUTH. Fado's consisted of the GHC (refer to the above description), rappers, mexicans, but not one single person who even looked remotely Irish. I took only a mere 45 mins to get a freaking beer in a seperate 15 mile long line, $10 for that janky green beer in a PLASTIC cup...yes folks I did say plastic...I don't do draft beer in a plastic cup, so I switched to a Grey Goose and sprite with green food coloring in it. I also finally had the chance to experience how it felt to be a bowling pin...which is what you were if StarKysha and the GHC attempted to push past you with their oversized ghetto booty which could double as a whole rack of bowling balls. O.K....I have had enough so I left, this does not seem like a St. Patty's Day party to me, but rather a crowed night at Shenango Bowl-a-way, and i was the pin.
    -Exiting what i found out was hell, I decide to call my friends Ryan and Josh and see what they were up to...about 15 mins later I meet them at Shout for some sushi. Yes folks I did drink Grey Goose and eat sushi on St. Patty's Day...I was over the holiday all together. Side note...I have decided to go to Ireland next year.
    -After finishing up our sushi Josh (my openly gay co-worker) invites us to Hoedown's (a country gay bar where his boyfriend bartends) for their infamous lesbian night. Remember Atlanta has the highest gay population in the south and he was going to see his boyfriend. Thinking to myself this couldn't be any worse than Fado's, we head along with Josh for lesbian line dancing and cheap beer. Now let me paint this scene.
    -Basically, take about 200 Rosannes, make them lesbians, put some cowboy boots and a flannel shirt on them, add a little country music, set up a dance floor for line dancing and you got Hoedowns, (which is strikingly similar to Six Packs....only replacing the white trash with a softball team in Wal-Mart flannels) Honestly, I think this was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Oh yeah...this boy played pool against a lesbian and her girl....they kicked my ass, suprisingly they could really work those sticks and balls ;).
    -After drinking way too much and not having the right equipment for those girls, I headed home and went to bed.

    ONLY IN ATLANTA..........Gotta love the south.

    (sorry for any incorret grammer and spelling errors)

  • At 5:25 PM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    That was the funniest thing I have ever read! Actually I read it twice because it was too darn funny.
    :RIGHT HERE: is me BEGGING you to start your own blog.
    I would be a faithful reader!
    Oh and don't go to Ireland for St. Patty's Day...it's a BIG BORE there. They considered it a very HOLY day. COME TO BOSTON INSTEAD!
    You could party in Southie all night long!

  • At 5:55 AM, Blogger KE said…

    He's right about StarKysha. Except sometimes her paychecks come from CVS, and sometimes, "what had happened was"... CVS "forgets" to pay her and then she can't pay her rent.
    And as for the "Ballers," they are all up on this white girl's apple bottom. They LOVE them some KE.
    I think I'll be joining Ryan and his gay friends and their boyfriends at lesbian night this Thursday. Think they'll like the girls?
    And to clarify for Alissa... Fado's is the place where we sat on the bench and the English guys came in and said "Well it's f-ing Christmas!" and tried to lick Vicky's leg.
    Mad shout out to my new Coach bag.

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