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Monday, March 21, 2005

When Is The Next Gambler's Anonymous Meeting?

My name is Morgan, and I have a gambling problem. So, apparently the first step to nipping any addiction is to admit you have a problem, while I have accomplished Step 1, however, I don't want to quit. It is sooo much fun. Yesterday, me, Pumpkinface, his sister, and her fiance (a.k.a. Jamie and Eric) went to Mountaineer yesterday. For those of you that don't know what Mountaineer is, it is one of the closet gambling casinos in West Virginia (reminder that we do not live in West Virginia - thank the good Lord). There are horse races, shows, and slot machines galore.

I do not pride myself on being a good gambler. Actually, I am fairly cheap when it comes to my own money. I never saw the point in paying for something that you get nothing in return. Sure I tend to shop my ass off, but I use the fact that at least I get to look all pretty and stuff in my new clothes as my offense. When you gamble, your odds are not well. I know that if I am paying for a shirt, I am damn well, getting a shirt, along with a receipt and a bag to put it in. But I did gamble yesterday...with Pumpkinface's money. That is ALWAYS fun. Then it's not so bad when you lose. You just stick your hand out, give the puppy dog eye's and you get another 20 to put in the slot machine that you have been sitting at for nearly an hour, sure that it is going to hit something big.

Well, Pumpkinface and I really didn't hit anything big, but Jamie and Eric did. Yup. She actually had cut off Eric from putting any more money in the slot machines because they have a wedding coming up too. But he snuck, and luckily he did. That sucker hit the slot machine for 4,000 quarters - if ya'll could do the math that is a good 1,000 smackeroos. Sweet Bejeebus, I know. But we were so happy for them, because they are going to pay for their wedding flowers with that - how nice huh? Everybody go "Aweeee."

Pumpkinface and I were really happy for them, but we were not afraid to admit alittle jealous. Hey, we have a wedding coming too ya know, and it would be nice to buy a house so we don't have to live with one of our parents, right? So we decided to split up with Jamie and Eric. Pumpkinface and I were on a mission I tell ya. We went from one quarter machine to the next. We cheered when we won two credits and we came up with a system. We would put $20 in a machine, and that would give us 80 credits, once we spend half and got down to 40 credits ($10), we would cash out and find another machine. We cashed out a lot, still very well in the hole, then we saw "the" machine. It almost had a glowing aura about it. Like it was calling us... "Pumpkinface, Career Woman... come playyyyy meeee." So we stuck a twenty into it. We decided to go all the way with this one and didn't cash out when we got to $40 credits. When we had around 10 credits left, we hit for a $125.00. Yippee - better than nothin' right. I made Pumpkinface cash out then and then it was my "gambler instinct" (runs in the family) to put another $20 in the machine next to it. Shabowe! $112.00. Of course I kept my portion and he kept his, although it's all his money... hehehe - He loves me!

So now I am slightly obsessed. I hit the jackpot one year in the Bahamas vacationing with my family for $5,000.00. It all went to Duquesne, but I believe that that is the last time that I won anything...EVER. Now, I got the itch. I want to go back. Have to go back. Must Gamble.

~Career Woman


  • At 12:40 PM, Blogger Rachael said…

    There is a riverboat casino half an hour from my school. The minute I turn 21, I am THERE.

  • At 3:20 PM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    I'll come to the next Gamblers Anonymous meeting with you! John and I go up to Canada and gamble all the time...you practically have to pry my fingers off of the slot machines to get me out of there! Gamble on BABY! You only live once!

  • At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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