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Saturday, March 19, 2005

You Are Now Entering The Twilight Zone

Attention: Housewife's phenomenal Cosmic Powers have now enhanced themselves into Phenomenal Psychic Cosmic Powers.

I woke up from a dream this morning. I was dreaming that I was riding a bicycle at this intersection back home in New Castle (for those of you that know, I was making a left from Cascade onto Butler Road at the old BP Station). As I'm making the corner, I totally wipe-out on my bike. Ouch. So I pick myself up and go over the BP Station. I grab my cell phone and frantically try to call Big Daddy, the call will not go through. I then try to call Bertha, again, the phone call will not connect. I try over and over and I'm crying. So I go into the Diner (the BP Station had a Diner attached to it, in my dream.) I sit down at a booth in the Diner and John Stamos and Candice Cameron are sitting with me, trying to calm me down. Weird.

I then wake up from my goofy dream.

I walk into the living room. Isabella is already awake. She's sitting on the couch watching TV. Frickin' FULL HOUSE is on the frickin' TV. I'm standing there starring at John Stamos and Candice Cameron on my TV after I just woke up from talking to them in the my dream.

So I go about my normal morning routine...you guessed it...unloading my dishwasher. My life IS fabulous. After a while I look at the clock and it's 8:19. Hmmm. This is strange. Bertha hasn't called yet. She calls at 8:00 on the dot Every. Single. Morning. She is 19 minutes late, clearly something is wrong. So I pick up the phone to call her. No dial tone. I try again. Nothing. I'm getting a little panicked by now. I run into my bedroom and pick up that phone. It's dead. I'm officially panicked now. So I run to my cell phone and call Big Daddy. He's glad to hear from me cause he was worried, he tried calling all morning and the line was busy. I explain, that the line is dead. He calls Verizon and calls me back stating that there apparently was an accident this morning and half of Littleton is without phone service.
Alrighty, then.

I now have NO. Phone. No. Internet Service. All. Day. Great!

Big Daddy comes home from work this evening and said that there are a dozen Verizon trucks fixing a telephone pole on the other side of the 495 bridge by my house. That must have been where the accident was. Guess What Peeps!!!!!!! The road on the other side of that bridge is called Butler Road!
JUST LIKE the "Butler Road" I was on in my dream back home, where I had an "accident", where I was "trying to call" Bertha and Big Daddy and "I couldn't" because "my phone wouldn't work" and as an added bonus, the whole Full House/John Stamos/Candice Cameron thing. dododododododo I feel like I have entered the Twilight Zone.

Don't you just hate when that kind of thing happens to you? I do this all the time!

Needless to say I'm totally weirded out by this.
Also needless to say, our phone lines are finally working now and it's midnight. Finally!

Oh and as an UPDATE on the Smelly Blob of Poo situation: I had every intention of trying Erin's advice today, but my children did not nap. I did however, manage to paint my toe-nails, which is an improvement. At least my feet look sexy. (Career Woman, sorry if I just gave you a vision of my feet - I know how you feel about them)

Until next time.


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