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Friday, April 29, 2005

Things That Annoy Me

1. First and foremost, I am annoyed that I am forced to write about something so dull and negative like Things That Annoy Me. PLEASE GOD, LET SOMETHING NEW, FUN AND EXCITING HAPPEN TO ME SO I CAN WRITE A POST WORTHY OF READING!

2. I am annoyed that Huggies Pull-ups come in a package of 29....twenty-nine.....WHY? It's packaged in air-tight plastic, surely they could have put one more stinkin' pull-up in there to make an even 30. I'm writing them a letter!

3. I am annoyed by fast food restaurants that do not have drive-throughs. HELLO fast food restaurant, if I am eating fast food, chances are I am in a HURRY. My ass does not have time to park my car, unload my kids, go inside, stand in line, order my food, wait for my food, pour my own drinks, juggle the exit door with my food and my kids in hand, find my car keys while walking through a busy parking lot (again while holding small hands and my food), unlock my door and get the food in the car with out spilling drinks on my seats, and then load the kids up again. GET A DAMN DRIVE-THROUGH!

3. I am annoyed by DVDs that do not allow you to skip or fast forward through FBI Warnings and Previews. Need I say more.

4. I am annoyed by unknown callers on my caller ID, I can accept private numbers, I can accept blocked numbers, but I do not pay you, Phone Company, to tell me UNKNOWN when my phone rings. This is defeating the purpose of Caller ID!

5. I am annoyed by drastic weather changes. I grew up learning there were 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Lately we have been experiencing, Spring, Winter, Summer, Winter, Fall, Winter, Winter, Summer, Winter. Let's get with the program here!

6. I am annoyed by Breaking News about the Red Sox. When I sit down at 1:00 to watch my show, I expect to see my show. This is the one hour of salvation I get in my day. It is one hour that I can rejoice in guilty pleasure and usually get my children to settle down while they eat. When I sit on my couch at 1:00 I want to see Days of Our Lives, Channel 7 News, not the MF'n RED SOX! Save it for ESPN, if I want to hear about sports, I'll put on ESPN. And please tell me what can possibly be so important about the Red Sox, that you have to interrupt a regularly scheduled program with your big ole' Breaking NEWS music and then talk about a damn baseball team for 20 minutes. Unless the Red Sox have an evil plan to blow up the city of Boston, I don't want to hear about, K. It's NOT Breaking NEWS.

7. I am annoyed that it is near impossible to have pretty nails and children under the age of 4 at the same time. If I could go 1 day without breaking or snagging a nail and not chipping NO-CHIP nail polish, I would not have to be so annoyed. Therefore, I am annoyed by the NO-CHIP nail polish that chips!

8. I am annoyed by the big bag of greasy patato chips sitting in my cupboard, calling my name.

9. I am annoyed by dumb people who assume that I am an unintelligent low-life because I am a stay-at-home mom. Well, here's some Breaking NEWS for Channels 7 to air during my soap opera, just because I chose to stay home and raise my own flesh and blood and not give away half of my pay from some high end corporate job to a daycare where some complete stranger gets to see my children learn and grow everyday. And if you ask me it's the women that sit behind a desk, kissing peoples asses all day when they should be home caring for their children that are probably starving for their mother's attention, that are the frickin' low-lives. Don't look down on me, bitch. Do something that really matters in life, raise your damn kids instead of answering phones and crunching numbers for some company that can give a fuck about you.

10. I am also annoyed that I can't think of a 10th thing that annoys me and I don't want to have a list of 9 things, cause if I did, than I'd be no better than the dumb asses at Huggies that put only 29 Pull-ups in a package.

Tell me what annoys you.
(huh, that was just asking for an anonymous commenter to tell me that I annoy them, bring it on!)


Thursday, April 28, 2005

An Open Letter to the Bug-Eyed Bitch

Dear "My eyes are big, round bugs and I say that I am a counselor, but I am rather, a bitch who should never teach another day in my life"

You. Are. A. Bitch. and I hate you. I drove down to school last night to pick up the 6 million projects that you had us do throughout the semester and to eat with my girlfriends. I arrived home at approximately 7:30 p.m. to open my packet, and much to my surprise, calculated the grades on my project and have noticed that I am receiving my first B, EVER. I know that I am anal, and a perfectionist, and obsessive compulsive, but I deserve an A, dammit. I had some questions that I wanted to "politely" ask you bug-eyed, and I expected a "polite" response. I did not get one. You provided us with 8,000 numbers to get ahold of you so I used one, (your cell), and you answered, viola. You.Were.A.Bitch. and I hate you.

You pride yourself on being a doctor of counselor education, however, you appear to be a doctor of "how to make you eyes look like bugs and how to be a bitch." You were rude, un-professional, and demeaning. Hello, bug-eyed, I pay you, remember???? Anyways, I asked you the questions that I needed some clarification on - you were of no help. I asked you about final grades, I asked you about a score I recieved, and I asked for your help and, ya know, "guidance," get it. Isn't that your job? Ya know, to be a guidance counselor. You. Are. A. Shitty. Guidance. Counselor. Bitch. and I hate you.

For answers, you provided me with half-ass explanations and copped some freakin' attitude. You. Acted. Like. A. Bitch. and I hate you. And you made me cry. So I hung up on you, after sarcastically thanking you for your help. I called the director of the program next, to demean you and your teaching style in every way possible. But you already did so, didn't you? Because the director of the program, addressed me by saying that he and another "waste of an educator," were going to be contacting me after they got a hold of you. Um.... FOR WHAT?! It has become apparent that you are having a problem "evaluting me," but nobody wants to give me an explanation. Isn't that lovely counselor.

You see, something has become quite evident to me throughout all this, Dr. Bug Eye, you lied to me each time I phoned you regarding my absence from your sense-less, lesson-less, devoid-of-any-purpose-class. I called you once when I was sick. You excused my absence. I called you second time when my grandmother had a massive stroke. You excused my absence. And I called you a third time when my grandmother passed away. You excused my absence, and even sent you mother-f-in-lack-of-any-sentiment condolences. But you lied to me. Your half-assed, probably created by one of your elementary students who you tranquilized to come up with the syllabus with your bug-eyed radar, syllabus indicates that any UN-EXCUSED absence results in the loss of a letter grade. I, however, had all EXCUSED absences. You. Are. A. Lying. Bitch. and I hate you.

So, my question to you is, how can you not evaluate me? All my projects were turned in on time. You excused all of my absences. And you sent me your condolences. And your eyes look like big-round-bug-bulging-mother-f'in-blue-f$%^n-e-soccer balls. If I do not recieve an A, and this little discrepency is not taken care of in an efficent, attitude-free, manner, I will be forced to find you in your car (which I learned inhibited you from answering any of my questions, because the Lord knows that your mouth steers the damn car and pushes the f*&%$#^ peddle and brake), run it off the road, pull you out of it by your blonde-afro-puff, stomp on your face, pee in your mouth, take a big dooky on your forhead, and use my advocacy project billboard to scratch out your bug-eyed eye balls.

Thank you for your time you bitch, I hate you.
Career Woman

Housewife and Career Woman - Prettied Up!

Housewife and Career Woman Posted by Hello

This is us at Mirella's wedding in the 'burgh. Big Daddy and Pumpkinface were working, so we were each other's date. I believe that we make a wonderful, need I mind you - most gorgeous, pair!

Career Woman and Housewife

Career Woman and Housewife Posted by Hello

Here's us....again. Aren't you all thrilled that you are graced with our beauty for a third time? This was us, in a limo, heading out for Mirella's bachelorette party down in the 'burgh. This picture is pre-drunkeness, pre-fun, and pre-Career Woman's change to slighty red hair, don't worry ya'll, she's going back to blonde this weekend.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Chuck E. Cheese Update

I got a phone call the other night from my dear friend Kpac4smiles. She wanted to tell me that she went to Chuck E. Cheese's and now fully understands the post I wrote about it.

Kristin...we would all appreciate a comment retelling your Chuck E. Cheese's experience, please!

The following night, Big Daddy and I were watching the NEWS and they were running this story about a Chuck E. Cheese's here in Boston. Apparently a young mother was waiting in line with her small child to get into the Chuck E. Cheese's Photo Booth. She was (understandably) annoyed that there were 3 teenaged girls sitting in the booth, talking. They were not getting their picture taken yet they had been sitting in the booth for over 15 minutes. The young mother politely asks the girls if she could get into the booth to have a picture taken with her daughter. The girls then brutally attacked the mother. Yep. Pulled her to the ground by her hair and began kicking her in the face and in the stomach. It became so violent that the police were called. Then backup. And before you know it, the restaurant was surrounded by SWAT teams...yes...SWAT teams.

Now, there were several birthday parties going on, not to mention all the other innocent children there. This occurred on Sunday and I do believe that Sunday is the busiest day at Chuck E. Cheese. The NEWS aired footage of the 3 teary-eyed girls being arraigned...they were 17, 18 and 19 years old. I'd like to think that girls of this age would have enough sense in their tiny pea-brains to not rough-up a mother at Chuck E. Cheese's. I suppose I expect too much of society. Furthermore, I could only hope that these girls had a legitimate reason for even BEING at Chuck E. Cheese's. Probably not.

I'd like to argue that, had there been any actually, real, know-how-the-fuck-to-be-a-parent parents at Chuck E. Cheese's, possibly this fight could have been broken up before men with machine guns ordered 4 year olds to get onto the ground and put their hands on their heads.

As if this isn't bad enough. Witnesses reported that NOT ONE PERSON FROM THE CHUCK E. CHEESE'S STAFF DID ANYTHING TO BREAK UP THE FIGHT. I cannot help but picture a bunch of yuppies in their red uniforms running for the Employees Only section and hiding, leaving panicked parents and scarred children to deal with this insanity, alone. And SURPRISE, the manager refused to speak to the NEWS.

They also showed the very swollen, bruised and cut-up victim crying to the NEWS camera about how this sort of thing isn't supposed to happen at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Am not going back to Chuck E. Cheese's. Ever.

I know there are a lot of new readers on the site, so if you are not familiar with my last Chuck E. Cheese's experience...please review it here, for a better understanding.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Let's Piss People Off Day, and Play a Fun Game While We're at it!

In honor of all the assholes whom have graced our site with their demeaning presence, I have decided to post again. That's right people. I am boring. I am dumb. And I should just let Housewife take over the blog, but I don't go down that quickly! No, no, no, I will force more of our readers into the dreadful misery they call "my writing." Cheers to you NYC!

Anyways, I was reading Amalah's website, and she just came home from Aruba. Well I thought to myself, "self, wait a tick, you've been there and a million other places, let's share it with your hateful readers." So I am. I've been a lot of places people and I am so thankful to have such wonderful parents, and a great college experience that I was able to go, but I thought this would be fun for those of us in our close-knit group, and Erin and Rachel (hi girls!). So here's where I have been, and let me know if you've been there, your experience, and how much you hate my "dumb" post. Yey!... a game if you will... Oh, and a little disclaimer, only fun places count, k? Nothing boring like Arkansas for vacation (not that Arkansas sucks, I just mean like Caribbean, Vegas, etc... Now, I have just added everybody in Arkansas to hate me too - sorry). K, so here 'er goes!

Let's start with the United States:
1. Las Vegas Bitches
2. California
3. North Carolina (oops, kinda boring huh - this "dumb" girl can't even follow her own rules)
4. Florida
5. ATL chickies
6. Ocean City, MD
7. New Jersey
8. NYC
9. Canada - not United States, but whatever, I'm dumb! :)

Okay, fun stuff:
1. Aruba
2. Bahamas
3. Ochos Rios, Jamiaca (twice)
4. Cozumel (twice)
5. Grand Caymans (twice)
6. Cancun

Here is where I'd like to go:
1. Hawaii
2. Italy
3. The Eastern Caribbean (i.e. St. Thomas, St. Marteen, etc...) - which lucky for me, Pumpkinface and I are going there on our honeymoon!

Sooooo, where have you been, what'd ya do fun? Side bar: Totally was at the same resort as Pacey from Dawson's Creek and one of the twins from Sweet Valley High!
-Career Woman (who is apparently dumb, boring, and a lousy writer)

Friday through Monday

Because my sister totally screwed up our internet at home, I am forced to wait three whole days to post anything until I get to work. This saddens me, however, my weekend did not. I finally did something, and I'm still recovering! Friday after work, Jamie and I went and got our nails done, although we were there for a good 2.5 hours, and our nails only took a half hour, we had an all-in-all good time!

Saturday was my soon-to-be-cousin, Melissa's bridal shower. I got a lot of great ideas for my shower and we had a superb time! My sister and I won two plants for my mom, who threatened to wreck our lives if we didn't win them for her, and the games they played there were so cute. Saturday night was a rockin' good time. We went to the sock hop! Pumpkinface was working, but I went with his family and we all danced the night away. We did miss Housewife though, anything on Martha Street just ain't the same!

Sunday was pretty eventful. Pumpkinface, me, Jamie, and Eric went to the mall and went to Jillians. We played skee-ball and bowling, but we never had enough tickets to actually win a prize (which was pretty discouraging). Then we came home, ate with the in-laws and headed to Mountaineer. That is three states in one day people! However, we all came home losers. I got a little tipsy there. Jamie and I were drinking wine, and we were getting wild. I walked into the change station, totally did, coming out of the bathroom and Jamie took my drink off me. (Then she gave it back).

Monday, at work. Was. Hell. I was never so tired in my life. I got up at 7:15, never showered, only washed my face, put on "something," (yikes, and it wasn't pretty), and made it here...10 minutes late. hehe. Anyways, it was well worth the awesome, good time. Then Pumpkinface and I went to dinner, and house-hunting some more. We also got ice cream, he said that I slurp it up and that I'm never allowed ice cream again. Haha, that's like not giving a diabetic insulin, hello, a fat girl needs her ice cream. And then we watched.... GROWING UP GOTTI!

I loveeeeee the Gotti boys. That are totally pricks, but so damn HOT. Pumpkinface and I watched two hours of it, and I drooled for each and every minute. Does anyone else share my obsession?
-Career Woman

Sunday, April 24, 2005

It's Sunday...You Know What That Means

Today, we went to Worcester. And before you go and say it like it's spelled, I'll tell you how you say it like a true Bostonian. Woosta. That's right, repeat after me WOO - STA. Now that's better. I've just prevented you from getting stared down like your some kind of hick, by every New Englander on the planet. As long as you continue to speak like you are 2 years old and have a problem pronouncing your R's, we'll be in good shape, people!

Why were we in WOOSTA?

To see the Rinlging Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus, of course! What else would this happy little family do on Family Fun Sunday?

Oh and don't you worry, there were Animal Rights Activist promptly stationed at every entrance, picketing. They were handing out pamphlet with pictures of beaten elephants that had chains wrapped tightly around their bleeding ankles. Most of the pamphlets ended up littering the ground, though. None of these people were going to give up tickets that they've purchased months ago and disappoint their anticipating children by turning around and walking away because some girl who calls herself "Rainbow" is begging them to. And I'm very sure that Rainbow was making phone calls to her friend "Sunshine," the Save A Tree Activist, because the sight of all that wasted paper on the ground made her cringe.

I paid close attention to those elephants, in fact, they were my favorite part of the show. They are so beautiful, graceful and majestic. I looked very closely at their ankles too, not a one looked beaten or bloody. They looked very healthy and happy to me. I think I even saw one smile.

Think about it. If you had a choice, as an elephant, to spend your days roaming a hot and sticky plain, fighting off the flies that are eating away at your dry skin, searching for your next meal that may take days for you to find, running from hunters and hungry lions, hoping you come across an oasis for a drink of water....OR...would you rather lounge around backstage all day in the air condition, getting sponge baths from the pretty circus girls, getting tons and tons of human affection, having your meals served to you everyday with cold water, and you'd get to wear pretty sparkly things and be in the spotlight, bringing smiles and laughter to millions of little children all around the world. I don't know about you, but I'd take the celebrity life, hands (or trunks) down!

Did I mention that the elephants were my favorite part of the show? I even gave them a standing ovation...Big Daddy may have been a little bit embarrassed by this, oh well. Not to show any kind of partiality, but one elephant's name was Nicole, and awe was she purrr-rrrdy!

I won't bore you talking about the whole Circus, but it wouldn't have been Family Fun Sunday without Housewife and her sidekick Camera. So as always if you'd like to see pictures, you can go here.


Disclaimer: Before any asinine activity occurs on this site, because I may have been at the brink of yet another controversial issue, I'd like to say that my true belief is all animals should be left alone in their natural habitat. However, when you have a situation where the animals were raised in captivity, I believe that it is in the animals best interest to continue to be raised in captivity because it lacks the skills needed to survive in the wild.
In all hopes, this will satisfy any anonymous commenter that wishes to send me hate mail. Thank you.

Friday, April 22, 2005


I am totally bored at work today. Afterall, it's friday, and who works on friday. Which leads me to something random...

Pumpkinface and I picked our song! Yey! Well, I thought that we picked it like months ago, but two nights ago, he called on his way home from work, super excited and said that he found our song. So, he turned the radio up real high and had me listen to it, and it was already the song that we picked! But, I joined in on his happiness, because he was proud of himself, and he is so damn cute when he makes exciting comments about the wedding. Oh, you'd probably like to know which song it is: Cher and Peter Cetera - Afterall. Totally. Us.

We are going to a sock hop tomorrow, possibly sponsered by Housewife's mama Bertha, and I'm sad because if Housewife was home, we'd all be going together, but she's not so I'll be embraced with sadness and a big gaping hole without my skankest. Which I am suprised that we have never used the term "skank or skankest on this blog."

All through high school, that's how we referred to each other. One was skank, and the other was skankest. We still do that everytime we make a phone call, they go something like this:

Me: What are you doing skankest?
Housewife: Nothin' much skank, what's new with you?

(Then it is typically some stupid comment about our blog, or our lovechild Erin, or that assface Kaiser, but whatever the topic we are sure to call each other skank).

I have also decided that it is absolutely crucial that I own a digital camera. I am a picture fanatic, but always hated digitals because I felt as though you had to work so hard to get a hard copy, but with this whole blog thing going on, totally need one.

Oh, and does anybody know the word "skeeve" or what it means besides people from New Castle. My roommates in college, down in Pittsburgh, had no idea what I was talking about when I said that I "skeeved something." A million points to a non-NCer who knows what it means.

And what about "yins," most educated people hate the use of that word, but I sometimes do still use it... Master's degree and all, can't forget where I came from! Anybody else say that word out there?

Hmmm...what else. Oh yeah, I've given up on the french manicure. I am stick and tired of yellow, jondus-colored nails. And I will NOT give up tanning. So, tonight when I get my nails freshly polished... they will be a bright, summery color, maybe a pink.

I cleaned my ring today. It is so damn shiney! I love it when I clean it every other day! I will admit that I am obsessive with it, but eh, it gots it some diamonds peeps!

I am almost done with my practicum. Thank Jesus lovelies, because I was getting sick of staying work until 2:00, then going to the school and not eating lunch.

Well, everyone have fun this weekend. I'll let ya know about the sock hop! (can't take pictures though and post them because I don't have a damn digital camera)!
-Career Woman

The Interview

Yesterday was the big day! After I had nervous diarrhea 5 times, and then continued to have it after I showered and did my make-up on the pot....(that is right, I can multi-task), I had my interview yesterday morning at 11:30. And I know you all are dying to know how it went, well it went...well, but I did not get a call back. I didn't really expect a call back, because I was probably the only person without the degree and certification yet that did apply. But I did give myself a huge pat on the back, because I totally took control of the interview, and in doing so, I found out that 40, I said FORTY people applied and they only interviewed the top 14. Which is superb for me, because....I don't even have the degree yet, and they know that and I still got the interview above the other 26 who did apply and had the certificate! So cheers to me! I gained great experience from it, learned a few things, and now I am set for when I actually have the degree and certification next spring and can really apply and give it hell! Thanks for all your prayers and support ya'll!
-Career Woman

Thursday, April 21, 2005

National Show Me Your Ass Week

Posted by Hello

Since the word "ASS" seemed to be the most popular word used on this site over the last few days I figured I'd stick with the theme. In tribute to Erin's Beautiful Butt Picture, and because we never play a game on our site...I figured it would bring giggles to our readers to see everyone's Smiling Arse.


If you have a picture of your buttocks, be a brave soul and celebrate your humor with all of us......post your picture on your site and then comment on ours so we can go meet you and your ass.
And if not....that's ok, y'all can just have fun laughing at mine!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

An Open Letter To Kaiser

Dear "I'm an asshole and I pretend I know what people mean but I really don't because I am that dumb and I feel the need to make assine comments":

Okay, so it is apparent that I need to step in here. I received a phone call last night on my way home from school from Housewife. She was enraged due to your degrading, judgemental, full-of-shit comment that you post on our blog. First off, no one invited you. Secondly, surely, nobody has asked for your opinion. And thirdly, you are dumb. If you read anything that she had typed in her open letter to the, yes, "head boppin', finger snappin', mmm hmmm, being" you would have read the part, ya know what part I am talking?...the part that states "I am not a racist."

You see dear Kaiser, our blog is intended for our purposes, as well as our FRIENDS. You, we do not know, nor do we care to. We have left your comment for the purpose of others laughing at your reading disability (oops, does that mean I am racist against illiterates), and have decided to respond to you. Aren't you lucky?

Housewife is such a person that she "calls it as she sees it," and so am I. The little girl did head bob, did snap her fingers, did curse and tease at her little girls (who, can I mind you, were attempting to play with the girl, so feel comfortable knowing that Housewife allowed her "white" children to play with an "interracial" girl), and was, in fact, interracial. If the little girl was a piece of white trash, or a rich white or colored girl, the same attention would have been drawn for a detailed description. But you wouldn't have commented on that would you?

I, myself, am not a racist. I have many friends from all sorts of different races, and so does she. We appreciate the knowledge of our true friends in knowing our humor, and our disposition. We apologize for those of you who might have been offended, but not to you Kaiser. Don't assume, it'll make an ass outta YOU!

Sincerely not a racist,
Career Woman

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

An Open Letter to the Playground Bully

Dear Playground Bully,

I am writing this letter in response to your aggressive and overbearing manner this afternoon at the playground. First of all, I would like to point out that this is not the first time my sweet children and myself had to put up with your cruel intentions. The mere sight of you makes me want to grab you by your hair and rub your face in the sand pit. The unfortunate fact that I must maintain my motherly disposition and not push you head first from atop the monkeybars, forces me to clench my fist, bite my tongue and look in the other direction. For this, you may return home without any Housewife-induced broken bones. Consider yourself blessed. However, this does not mean your behavior has gone unnoticed nor does it mean I will not address it.

There is something about your head-bobbin', eye-rollin', finger-snappin' ,"MmmmHmmm" being, that makes me want to gouge your eyes out with a blunt object. And for these observations I can only safely assume that your mother is the White Starkysha that lives in Building Two that has a half a dozen other Mini-Me Starkyshas that roam the playground terrorizing unsuspecting children. I also will have you know that the only reason I have not confronted you about your rude and insensible attitude is that I simply fear for my life. I have no tactical defense against your 300 pound mother, hunting me down and eating me for dinner.

It does sadden me, Playground Bully, that you have good potential to be a beautiful, well-polished young lady but for some reason you find it necessary to parade around like a gangsta thug and make fun of every small child that is only a third of your age. It saddens me further that you do not have a mother that cares enough to teach you any better. But this does not stop me from loathing you with every ounce of sincerity in my body. You hurt my child's feelings and for this you will pay.

Playground Bully, I will take great pleasure in knowing that your ignorance will only bring you down in life. You will be judged and ignored by anyone that has any sense of intellect and intuition. I curse you many years of anxiety and torture throughout the rest of your school years and only hope that someday there will be a person that is as disadvantaged and as hurtful as you that will take it upon themselves to handle you in the most abrasive way.


Spidey Update

I found spidey! He was dead. Curled up into whatever spiders curl themself up in when they die, and was on the dresser, below where I wacked him. Why I did not look there is besides me, unless, he crawled all the way up there and then died. I don't know. But I don't think that he would have taken that much time to do that if injured, right? And can they walk up a dresser, sideways, with only 7 instead of 8 legs, it has to be possible. I'm not sure what spiders are capable of, but for some reason I place them in the super human catergory, because they can scare the livin' daylights outta me. Anyways, so he was on my dresser, and on top of my picture from mine and Pumpkinface's engagement party with KP, and her fiance, Matt. Apparently, he liked them and thought that it was a good place to kick the bucket. So now, (no offense KP), I shun the photo. I'm scurred of it. That's what I get for not placing it in a frame yet, huh? Sorry!
-Career Woman

Monday, April 18, 2005

Beyond Stressed

I know why people kill themselves...for real. Now, don't all of you go an call the local crisis center, because I am not really going to kill myself, I don't have a plan, I don't know how, etc. So no more necessary protocol should be followed. Possibly, every aspect of my life has some amount of stressed attached to it. First off, I have this big, big, HUGE, opportunity coming up Thursday with my interview and all. If I didn't hold back, I could probably vomit at each designated moment of the day, however, I choose to keep my cool. I'll like never get this job in a million-billion years, and me applying for it must have been some sort of joke, but they called and apparently want to torture me with an interview. Lucky me, I am probably falling underneath one of those policies where they have to interview so many when they already have the new senior high counselor picked... that's how it would work out for me. So, if I don't get this job, which I won't, I will be forced to go back to part-time work and do my internship in a school, without getting paid, with possibly no hope of working back at my old high school. Tear.

We are also looking for a house, which leads to another abundance of stress. We have realized a couple of things while looking. Apparently, Shenango township is the Hollywood of the east because you have to pay a million dollars for a shitty, (and I mean shitty) home. This frustrates me. Shenango isn't even the ritziest part of the city and I swear that only Trump himself can afford a decent home here. Pumpkinface feels as though we should find a house in like a day and gets even more frustrated as each day goes on. (Him and I aren't so different). All he wants is a finished basement, and all I want to find is a house where the cracked, wilted wall is not painted over 2,000+ times, and the carpet is not bright, bloody red.

And...we are cleaning out my grandma's house and dividing up all her stuff. This leaves Pumpkinface and I with a lot of furniture (imported from Italy, mind you) that we need not frivilously spend money on, but with a deep, gaping hole in my heart that my grandma is not here to share this with us. Not only does this stress me out, but it makes me tired and sad too.

I am also stressed because this is my last week of classes for the semester. And although, that sounds like a good, stress-free thing, oh no, you are wrong. I have projects and papers out the wazoo to do before the end of this week. And then, it's not over, because I have summer classes starting in less than a month. Whoopee!

My tanning salon is also stressing me out mucho. They are so booked. Hello tanning salon! I am a devoted, year-round, tanner. I should take precendence over the-need-to-be-newly-tanned-prom-goers. Back off bitches! I will turn pastey white if you don't allow me in, and my tan is so beatious now, that I am afraid it will for sure turn me "not as pretty."..... Nahhhh...get serious fellow bloggers, a tanning bed only accentuates it. (wink wink).

Oh yeah and the damn, dead, splatted, huge, carcasses of bugs on my windshield... hello, why doesn't the windshield washer fluid wipe these suckers off. I hate you dead bugs, please remove your dead carcasses (sp) off of my new window on my new jeep, for I can not see when I drive. Thanks bye. Believe it or not, this is stressing me out as well.

Mmm hmmm, and everyone in this office called off today, so you guessed it, I have to speak to every degenerate in New Castle. I'm stressed out. Thank goodness this is almost over... well the work day that is!
-Career Woman

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Random Rants About My Weekend

This Is For The Birds

My phone rings this morning at 7:00a.m. as I'm getting ready to head to Kohl's for their Early Bird Sale. I look at the caller ID, it's my sister's cell phone (?) OK, this is weird, it's Saturday morning, my 17 year old sister is usually tucked into bed until noon on Saturday, why is she calling me from her Cell Phone?

Apparently......Jan and my mother were were locked inside the bathroom at their home.

When my mom got up in the morning, she was standing at the stove making tea and turned around to see a BIRD in her kitchen. My mom runs into the bathroom and shuts the door (and let me just say that she stood in the bathroom screaming for 5 minutes before she realized that she was in the dark and didn't even turn the light on. ) She screams for my sister who is sleeping upstairs to come and hide in the bathroom with her. Jan has to run through the kitchen and past the bird to get into the bathroom with my frantic mother. Now they are waiting for my Uncle T, who lives a few houses up the road, to get the bird out of the house for them. My Dad had already left for work and my mom doesn't understand why he didn't see the bird or how in the heck it got into the house. So after a few swats at the bird, about 5 misses with the broom, 4 dashes back into the bathroom and 6 opened windows later, the bird escapes freely back into the world.....Of course, leaving Bertha scared for life and she now thinks that someone she knows is going to die to because of the whole bird superstition thing. YIKES!

(I'm sure that only those of you that actually know Jan and Bertha could truly appreciate this story)

As for my Early Bird Sale at Kohl's, I scored a cute new purse, new work jeans for Big Daddy, some comfy underwear and a few aborable outfits for the girls.

I guess I wasn't the ONLY early bird out this morning!

Oh and while we are talking about birds......my Blue Heron is back. I live on a lake and every morning last year, this Blue Heron would land on this piece of drift wood and perch out there for a few hours at 7:00a.m., like clockwork. We became good friends. I couldn't start my day without him. The minute I woke up in the morning I would look out my bedroom window into the water to say good morning to my feathery fowl friend. If he was late, I would worry about him. Did he fly into a tree? A window? Did a mean person trap him or shoot him? Maybe he was just caught in traffic? Hmmm. Well Mr. Blue Heron left for the winter and I often pondered if he would come back to me this Spring.

So as I sat at my computer the other morning I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye through the window. I looked and saw my Blue Heron, larger than life about 3 feet away from my window. He was stretching his wings and looked very large and threatening. I jumped about 5 feet out of my desk chair and nearly had a heart attack. After I realized what it was, I ran to window to greet my long lost friend, for I've never seen him this up close and personal before. I quickly decided that I liked him much better on the piece of drift wood across the lake. As long as he stays over there and away from window, we can still be friends. But Mr. Blue Heron must not have like what he saw either because I haven't seen him since. Maybe we weren't meant to be?


Kids Say the Darnest Things ... REALLY

After Kohl's, me and the girls hit the Mall. You know that little kiosk with the middle eastern people that sell the nail buffers that make your nails look super duper shiny. Well the guy stopped me for a quick sales pitch. I stood long enough for him to turtle wax two of my nails then we were on our way. The girls didn't say a word the whole time and we never spoke of if the rest of the day, it was completely forgotten.

Well later that evening, I'm cooking dinner while Big Daddy was showering after work. Bella goes into the bedroom when he was done and was talking to him as he got dressed.

"Daaa-aaaddy" in her best tattletale voice ever, says "There was another man touching Mommy's fingers todaa-aay."

Big Daddy: "Oh yeah"

Bella: "Yeah, him was cleaning 'dem"

Big Daddy with a smile from ear to ear, looks into the kitchen "Hey Nik, did you get a manicure today?"

Nikki: NO, why? (I had completely forgot about the nail guy at the mall)

Of course, after he tells me what Bella said, I remembered the nail guy.
Tell me how a three year old would know that Daddy would take interest in another man touching Mommy's hands. And on top of it, tell Daddy while Mommy's not there in a tattletale voice...WAY TOO FUNNY!


And I know that all of you are just dying to know how we spent Family Fun Sunday this week............................................................................ I know the suspension was killing you!

We strolled the streets of Salem this Sunday. Nothing too exciting. I mean...it's a very exciting place, everyone should take a visit at some point in their life, but we've been there multiply times. I live only 30 minutes away. We did find a graveyard that we haven't been to yet. It was pretty cool. But the reason we went there wasn't for all the witch history this time...we went so the girls could look for sea shells by the wharf. We had beautiful weather and the tide is still low, so there were plenty of sea shells, clams, snails, crabs and other creepy crawly things to see. The only ugly part about the low tide is all the yucky seaweed that you have to walk through, but this didn't stop the girls from having fun. If you'd like to see some pictures, you can go here.
We had lunch at Victoria Station and watched the boats sail into the harbor as we ate. We came home and played soft ball with the girls outside for the rest of the day.

Today, I'll be spending most of time helping Bella clean all the sea shells she brought home. If some kind of creepy crawly sea creature comes out of one of those shells...no matter where any of you fine people are in this world...you are bound to hear me scream.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Wells Fargo - The Saga Continues

So, I'm on the phone with the bank this morning, making sure my check book is up to snuff, when it occurs to me................I have not received my Wells Fargo bill in the mail for the month of April. OH WHAT A BIG SURPRISE! So after much deliberation, (should I just change my identity, disguise my children and run for hills, or should I attempt to talk civilized with the asshats of Wells Fargo) I decided that I didn't have the energy to be a fugitive on the run today, so I locked myself in the bedroom (to muffle the loud swear words Mommy might be using, from the innocent children) and dialed the number.

Today I spoke with Kleptomaniac Kristina. She tried to strip me of my monetary assets and had no remorse. Am pissed.

Despite my allusive attempt to be polite on the phone, and offer my payment without promoting the fact that it IS Wells Fargo's fault that I did not get my bill in the mail, Kleptomaniac Kristina says, "there will be an 8 dollar charge for making your payment over the phone."

Nikki: Uuuhh, Kristina, I live in the great state of Massachusetts and although this state has a $500,000 house median, one of the highest tax rates in the country and you can't buy a gallon of milk for under $5, it does however protect it's impoverished citizens from being charge for phone payments.

Kleptomaniac Kristina: excuse me (?)

Nikki: It's illegal... you can't charge me for making a phone payment...it's against Massachusetts law.

Kleptomaniac Kristina: I know nothing about that... you're total is $60.90

Nikki: Um, now you do know, I just told you... my total is $52.90

Luckily for Kleptomaniac Kristina there are distant sounds of hostility and bloodshed coming from living room, I pause a moment to open the bedroom door and peek into the living room where I see a game of tug of war with a baby doll used as the rope and it's splitting at the neck line...there are traces of stuffing on the floor and the veins in Sophia's forehead look as they're about to burst.

Nikki: OK, Kristina, I'll deal with it later $60.90 it is....bye.

I swear, if those nitwhits charge me, I'll own the company!

But anyway, during the course of that conversation I was able to come to the conclusion that April's bill has also been returned to Wells Fargo marked "undeliverable" and I assumed it is because they still have my maiden name on the bill and the dumb Littleton Post Office will deliver every other piece of useless mail to me with every other Joe Shmoe's name on it, that ever lived in this apartment but somehow finds it necessary to return things with my maiden name on it.

I was also able to convince Kleptomaniac Kristina to put the bill "In Care Of" my married name, hopefully these numbnuts can get it right this time.
Oh yeah, and they won't change the loan into my married name until I send them a photo copy of my marriage license that is locked in a safety box in Pennsylvania. Hopefully they will hold their breath for this and all die a slow miserable death.



Okay, so I totally got an interview here next week! And I probably totally won't get the job because I won't have my degree until next year.... but hey, I applied, they called me and wanted to interview me, so I'm gonna give it hell. This is a really big deal for me. It has been my dream to go back, and work in my old high school and here is just the beginning of my opportunities. As most of you know, I am completing my second year of the Master's program at Duquesne in the School Counseling realm and I have a year left to do my internship. So I applied to be at an intern status position for the first year, and then to be hired full-time.

The big interview is next Thursday! Everybody wish me luck! And if ya'll have any tips for interviewing in a school district, please send the advice my way, I could sure use it. And hey, the least that can happen is that I'll get my name in the school district, and I'll get great experience during the whole interview process. YEY FOR ME!
-Career Woman

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Britney Spears and Spiders

So I am so totally STOKED, that Britney Spears is having a baby. I was beginning to get worried that she was just some white/trailer trash/form of a Starkysha. I was sccccurrred people. Anyways, so the Federfetus will probably pop out with a ugly, ass, already-greasy sized ponytail on the top of it's head (boy or girl), cigarette in hand, and a do-rag, however, it should be totally cute. Rock on Brit, hopefully this new little bundle of joy will take the down-right nasty grunge outta ya. (But really, I am excited about the baby - Hopefully she calls me to be the Godmother, since I am so excellent!).

On to the spiders. I will admit that I am arachnophobic. I am completely, entirely disgusted by spiders (and snakes, but haven't seen any of those), that I lose sleep over them. For some reason, our home has seen an infestation of a variety of spideys, big, small, short, tall, hairy, skinny, yucky, icky, ewey. These warm days, have brought all the types of spideys into my happy home. The first clue I had of their arrival was last weekend when I was on the phone with Pumpkinface's sister. I was lying on my bed, looked up at the ceiling and there it was, a spidey. I tend to scream bloody murder each time I see a spidey, so my parents were not worried. I called my mother upstairs. I have a catherdral-type ceiling in my room, so standing on a chair will not kill the spidey. My mom decided to get a wet, heavy rag to throw at it, hopefully knocking it down, and I was in charge of watching to see where it went. My mom threw the rag, I jumped, ran, and screamed (not watching to see where the spidey went, just getting the hell out of that room or it's path) and apparently, he ran into the light fixture. No getting him out of there. My mom convinced me that spidey would burn to death in the light fixture, and it was apparent to me that he could not get out, because I was able to see him through the clear light fixture... he was falling down.

That night I stayed at Eddie's and the next night he stayed at my house. I went up to my room to go to bed and sat there and pondered. Should I look up and see if I see the spidey, or just go to bed, knowing he fried to death. Well, I looked up and there he was! Spidey didn't die. At this point, it is 1:00 a.m. and I am pulling the desk chair out of my sister's room and standing on it, plotting how I am going to kill this S.O.B.. As I mentioned, the ceiling is too high for me to reach so I take a shoe, and decide that I am going to jump on the chair and hopefully smash the shit out of the spidey. It takes me ten mintues to get up the nerve to do this and I finally jump up, smack the ceiling, jump off the chair and scream and run across the room to my door. I look up and all there is is a leg stuck to the ceiling. One leg out of eight people. There is no spider. And I check the shoe... no spider their either. I panick, rip off my clothes, and am standing in my room at 1:00 a.m., barenaked, flipping the shit out of my hair. I look under my bed, under my books, under the pile of the clothes on the floor, no spidey, where can he be?

I decide that I am not sleeping in this room. I get my stuff, go downstairs in the basement where Pumpkinface sleeps (it's finished, please don't think we're cruel) because daddy doesn't allow him to stay with me until we are married, and I wake him up, crying. Yes, I am crying because I can not find the 7-leg spider that is somewhere in my room, obviously pissed off because I amputated one of his legs. I look on the steps in the basement and there is another spider! What is the freakin' deal people?! And it ain't spidey, b/c this one has all 8 legs, and it couldn't possible beat me down the stairs... no way. So yes, I sleep in the basement, and Spidey is apparently having a restful, one leg missing, slumber in my bed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Random Advice for a Tuesday

Lucky for them, Duquesne University must have read our blog, and knew I meant business, because I FINALLY received a phone call from the creator/director of the program himself. Bless his heart. What a smart man he is. I'm not quite sure if it was the threat to pee, poop, or vomit, but one of them forced him to act quickly and sign me into the class. And bless the new woman in the office Laurie, I find her dedication to her line of work superb... a good job. I am emailing the head of the department to give you a raise honey. You're welcome.

Other news, Pumpkinface and I finally used the gift card from Housewife and Big Daddy for dinner at the Olive Garden yesterday... and yes, we believe that we got food poisoning. We ordered our traditional fettucine alfredo with penne noodles (which I guess would make it penne alfredo), with the breadsticks that we eat by the dozen. Breadsticks are satan's food, made for satan's tongue because they are incredibly scrumptious and addicting and all carbs and make us fat for our honeymoon. Back to the food poisoning... so I decided to add chicken to my alfredo, because Pumpkinface wanted to taste it and wouldn't get it himself, so the good fiance I am, I ordered it. It was yucky. It was strips of grilled chicken... and the ucky grill taste was on my penne alfredo which forced me to gag with every bite. I only had one piece of chicken, just to try it out, and Pumpkinface had about 4. He liked it. I did not. On the way home, both of us got the "I am going to crap my pants if we don't get home in the next 5 minutes"' pain in our stomachs. Ya know what that's like... the arm hair-raising, goose bumps, sweat down your forehead belly cramps. Luckily, we both made it home. So I advise you to stay away from the penne alfredo WITH chicken... ouch... and oh yeah, Duquesne has learned not to screw with me, so you better not either! :)
~ Career Woman

Monday, April 11, 2005

Ice Cream and Butterflies

Sunday = Family Day

Sweet Mother Nature has finally granted the great state of Massachusetts with beautiful weather. And to be extra nice she allowed the beautiful weather to actually extend until Sunday. Sunday is the only day of the week that Big Daddy gets off of work and no matter how nice the weather has tended to get over the last 8 months, Mother Nature has allowed it SHIT on us every single Sunday. But not yesterday! No sir-ree! It was 78 degrees Whoooo-hooo!

We started off the day at The Butterfly Place. (My fat ass did not consume any kind of gooey, krispie, marshmallowy product of any kind Sunday morning and I was free and clear of going places that I planned to go!) We had a really fun time until the 85 degree controlled climate in the atrium made Big Daddy and I very hot and irritated parents of toddlers and could not run for the door fast enough while trying to see through the flood of perspiration flowing down our foreheads.

I was able to take very rare and beautiful pictures of our fluttery friends that you can see, here.

~And the reason you have to go there to see them is because I have officially fired Hello and they are no longer permitted to show my pictures because their stupid program is too damn confusing and I don't like them. But I will use them like a dirty whore, if I have only 1 picture to share and talk about with you. I can handle 1 picture, with them. Thank you.

Then we went to Kimball Farm for some homemade ice cream. Yey! While we were there we walked around and visited the farm animals. Fun! You can view those pictures here.

We drove around the rest of the day and enjoyed the nice weather.

If your beginning to think that we are one of the those cheesy families that spend every Sunday together doing things that seem fun to children but are actually educational and if you think we spend our free time getting thrills out of farm animals and other somewhat lame things - chances are - You're Right!


An Open Letter to Duquesne University

Dear Duquesne,

To say I hate you, would be a blatant understatement. Therefore, I have chosen not to monitor myself or the words I would like to say. I have figured some things out about you Duquesne, number 1: you are a liar, and must only hire those doctors and directors of programs that do lie. You see Duquesne, you lied to me. I was supposed to schedule for the upcoming summer and fall semesters two weeks ago. But I could not Duquesne, because surely life happens, and my beloved grandmother passed away and I was not able to attend my scheduling meeting with the director of your assine program. The director of your assine program informed me that there should not be any scheduling conflicts with me putting it off for a week and set me up with someone else for a meeting.

So I met with another director last week. You made me feel as though I was stress free, (although I feared for my life and my right leg in fear that she would eat it) and that every one of my classes was under control and graduating from your master's program in a year from now would not be a problem. None the less, you have decided to mother-f$%^ me again. You see Duquesne, you like to pride yourself on being the holiest of all holy holier catholic universities who claim to love and worship god, jesus, mary and every other holy bible person out there, and instead you screw your students up one side and down the other. You make me want to find the largest stick of dynamite and set it up in your department offices and blow the living shit out of your buildings so that all that is left are small pieces of char, ash, and dust. This I will surely dance, and roll around in with much ease and satisfaction.

You sent me a letter that I of course received on a Saturday so that I could not call and bitch out every person in your office for, stating that the courses that I am required to take to graduate from your assine program has been closed. Meaning too many people had signed up for it, and I signed up too late. Hmmm... the director of your program said that I should be "fine," and that this scheduling late, bull shit of a deal, would "be just fine." Looks like that isn't the case, now doesn't it. So anyways, bottom line, Ricky-Retard-Registrar's Office, put me in the damn class. If you do not put me in the damn class, I will be forced to stay here another semester, forcing me to piss in your new shubbery, take a dump on the front lawn of the School of Education, and drink profusely and dance naked in the water fountain that a least a portion of my $100,000 + that has been put into your blood-sucking, money-laudering, asshat university. After all the dancing around in you umpteen million dollar water fountain, I will surely be nauseous from all the drinking and I WILL take my color-draining face into Old Main and find the nearest head honcho in the building and puke in their coffee cup. This will surely be fun.

So yes, Duquesne, this is a threat. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for your time and cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
Career Woman

Friday, April 08, 2005

Random Advice for Friday

Um, yah, so I'm losing my mind. Slowly, but surely, this girl is going off the deep end. With everything going on in the last month with the wedding, gram, then funeral, school, finding a place for my internship, and house searching, these things have left me mad goofy, I tell ya! I'm off my rocker. Going bonkers. Jumpin' off the deep end. And losin' my marbles.

Since I work with the law right now, we'll use a little metaphor. Ya'll know how your innocent until being proven guilty right? Well, i'm guilty. I'm nuts people. I have enough viable, liable, validating evidence that leads to my insanity. Two things happened yesterday that if noticed, would put me in the nuthouse.

On my way to work yesterday morning, I decided that I was a little hungry. I made a pit-stop at Dunkin' Donuts for my traditional peanut butter toasted plain bagel (scrumptious may I inform you), and my green tea with cream and sugar (makes me feel all warm inside). As I am waiting in the line to order, my main chica K.P. calls with some house-hunting guidelines for me coming direct from the Lord of Contracting's mouth, her pops. As we are in deep conversation, I find spare minutes here and there to order, thank the wonderful woman who feeds me each morning at Dunkin' Donuts and to pull around to the "next window." In doing so, I pay the $3 and whatever for my scrumptious-yummy-in-my-tummy breakfast, get my change, put it in my wallet, continue talking and drive away. If you readers have noticed, one thing is missing from my list of "takes" from the donut kingdom. I DID NOT GET MY FOOD. Yep, left. And the best part, never EVER noticed until I drove all the way to work, only to still be on the phone with K.P., pull into the parking lot, and I cut her off mid-sentence with, "let me just tell you what an asshole I am." And you can all bet your asses that I drove alllll the way back to get my damn food. Eh...money don't grow on trees people.

The next amount of evidence that happened leading towards my insanity conviction was after I met with the school district that I am going to be doing my internship in. When I left the school, I was on my way to get gas, then back to work. I was eating Wendy's on the way (maybe food makes me crazy...I'm beginning to see a pattern), pull up at the gas station, insert my debit card (from my new bank, which I love... First Merit, I love you), pump the gas and I am so insistent on grabbing my receipt because I am a big girl who keeps a checkbook now and drive back to work. I pull up at work, get out of my cutest jeep, and find that I have never reattached the cap to my gas tank, nor have I closed the door to my gas tank. So I panick and wonder if I should have blown up on the drive over. Or did I just lose the $30 in gas that it took to give me half a damn tank (hate, hate, hate, the government)? Well, everything was fine... I guess.

So as you can see, just another typical Thursday in Career Woman 'ville. I am currently taking donations to put me in the looney bin. And oh yeah... my advice is this... do not talk on the phone while: driving, parking, eating, ordering, or paying for food. Only bad things happen when that cell phone is attached to your ear. As for the gas tank situation, no advice on that. Oh, well how about, just don't crack up!
~Career Woman

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Confessions of a Housewife

I went to Sam's Club on Sunday, my sole purpose was to purchase the extra huge box of Huggie Supreme Diapers and the colossal size package of cheap paper towels in which are the only reasons I became a member. But there they were...calling my name from the small wooden pallet they lay on....dum, dum, dum The 24 pack of King Size Rice Krispy Treats. In my mind I new this would be a fatal mistake. But my salivating mouth kept telling my hands "Grab them, grab them and run, run to the checkout and take them home." I managed to compose my professionalism the whole way home and left the little box of heaven in the back of the Explorer, untouched.

I even managed to have only two Treats on Monday (one right after the other).

Tuesday only found me eating one Treat, quietly after the kids were sleeping and before Big Daddy came home.

Wednesday is where I met my shame....................................................

Waking up a 8:00a.m., which is by far the latest I have slept in in months, left me feeling all sluggish and like I wanted to go back to bed. After all, the girls were STILL sleeping, this is why I managed such a late slumber. Plus, I was damn tired, Isabella and Sophia were UP ALL NIGHT, for no logical reason what so ever.

But I looked outside and saw what a beautiful sun shiny day it was going to be and immediately made all kinds of wonderful plans in my head to go here and then to lunch and then here (my favorite place in the world and the reason I will cry when I leave New England) to buy yummy, fresh and unique things to cook an amazing dinner for my hard working Big Daddy. It was going to be a glorious day!

I head out to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher, with every intention to then clean the rest of the house, wake up the girls, get ready and spend the rest of the day outdoors and go to all my little destinations. So fun!

Big Daddy had left the cupboard door open and there they were staring at me...The Rice Krispy Treats. Oh what the hell, I'll have just one, the girls were sleeping, who would know that this would be my breakfast? No one. No harm done.

Leaving the dishwasher door open and the cupboard door as well, I head over to the TV to eat my Treat and catch the weather, just to make sure it was as Beautiful as it appeared outside. The stupid Weather Channel just has to remind you of the date, which triggered a weak spot in my brain that said "Nikki, it's a new month, that means the next season of Sex and the City is on On Demand, watch it, watch it, watch it!!!!"

Oh, just one episode, why not, the girls are still asleep, then I'll get my day going.........

Well, the whole 5th season and 9 Rice Krispy Treats later, I found my self laying on the couch, stomach bloated beyond belief and clock reading 2:00p.m. And somewhere in between the Weather Channel and my 3rd Rice Krispy Treat, the girls were thrown a few bowls of cereal and told to go play in their room.

My day was wasted, my girls somewhat neglected and I surely gained 2 pounds.

Rice Krispy Treats are the devil.

And the scary part is, there are 8 Rice Krispy treat left in the box....What does my future hold?
And HEY, that means there are 5 Treats missing...Who has been eating my Treats? Who?
This is war!


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Miss Me?

Well, I missed you! Wow it has been a long couple of weeks. First off, I want to thank all of you for sending your condolences. My family and I really appreciate it. And Nik and K.E., please don't worry about not being able to make it in town, I know you girls were there in spirit. I've had some rough days, but we're getting through it, slowly, but surely. My family and I have kept busy. Things always seem easier when you are surrounded by family and friends to keep you occupied and luckily we had that. Now, I have started back at school, I am back at work, and busy cleaning out the mansion that my grandparents lived in. We're selling the house so a lot of work needs to be done. I swear my grandma had more clothes than the Queen of England and could make the guiness book of world records for decorations. That house, as most of you know, has a strong emotional attachment for alot of us and this entire process is going to be really trying... but I guess the G-Man only gives us what we can handle. Let's move on to what I'd like to refer to as half-decent news.

I found a site for my internship...potentially. I am meeting with the counselor at the school district tomorrow, and banking on everything going well, I should be set. Only this is just part of my internship and the other half will be next spring, then.... GRADUATION. Yippee! I have also scheduled for Summer and Fall semesters which isn't really exciting, just half-decent news, (see it fits under the catergory).

Pumpkinface and I are looking for a house, or property, whichever seems to be the best fit. Luckily, a good friend and dear neighbor has a father who owns a construction company and they are being a big help. (I'm her maid of honor, hehe). But man o'man is shopping around for a house stressful! What township, size, area, price, bedrooms, etc. are we looking for? We don't know! I'd like to live like Donald and Milania (sp) Trump, and although that isn't going to happen right now, there is no reason we can't have a decent home right?

In looking for a house, it is obvious I need a better job - and just the perfect time. I'll be leaving the place I am currently employed by August because I need to do my internship. Well, we need an income to have a house, so I am searching around for something part-time in my field. I will blow my head off if I have to do wrap-around again, but I'll find some type of part-time counseling work....hopefully.

Oh and more good news, I think I'm going to have chinese food tonight. Yummy. Mi Hung Ri. That's your chinese lesson for today. No go and teach your youngn's.

~ A Career Woman Who Will Potentially Be Un-employed

Monday, April 04, 2005

A Night Out In Beantown

Apparently my parents felt so terrible that they couldn't meet me half way Wednesday night, because my Dad could not get off work, that they hopped in the car Friday after he got off work and drove all the way to Massachusetts, got here at 5 o'clock Saturday morning, just so Big Daddy and I could go out Saturday night for our Anniversary and they got back in the car 5 o'clock Sunday morning and drove back to New Castle. They actually spent more time in the car this weekend then they did with us. They must really love me!

Big Daddy and I spent the evening in Boston's North End, unlike The South End that was filled with Irish Folk, the North End is the Italian Neighborhood. Never called Little Italy, I'm told. Not sure why. But anyhoo......this is by far my favorite part of town. I feel right at home. Kind of like the Italian Princess that I am :) With every turn of the cobblestone streets you find an Italian Bistro, pastry shop, cafe', or a bakery tucked in a narrow alleyway. Most bakeries are open 24 hours and you could smell that fresh baked bread from a mile away. I love it! In my opinion this is the most beautiful part of Boston. It's one of Boston's oldest neighborhoods, it's very historic. This is where you will find Paul Revere's House and the Old North Church. I did bring my camera with me, but to make Big Daddy happy, I did not take any pictures. He said he would like to spend one evening with out seeing spots from my flash. Understood. At least I already took some pics of the North End the last 10 times I was there. Although I did make sure that Big Daddy understood that when we are 100 years old and celebrating our 80th Wedding Anniversary and we are shriveled like prunes, he will wish that he had a very attractive 4th Wedding Anniversary picture to show off. And he won't have one.

I don't feel too much like fighting with Hello and Blogger, so if you'd like to see the North End...I've taken the liberty of steeling other peoples pics off the net for your enjoyment.
here, here and here.

So we started off the evening with a drive through Harvard, which made me feel all smart and sophisticated and I was so ready to dig into a greasy pizza! So off to Pizzeria Regina we went. So So So So So So Yummy!!!! We stood in line for 45 minutes just to get in the door.

Then off to The Theatre District for a movie. Boston is home to Loews Theatre, it is the only cinema in the city of Boston - but this doesn't mean Bostonians aren't into movies. This baby is 3 stories high. It has 19 screens and holds 4500 movie goers. Each floor is equipped with a snack bar the size of wal-mart, a cafe' and a Starbucks', just incase you need a cup of Joe while watching your flick. I mean, there were people chowing down on Chicken dinners in front of us. This place is unbelievable, red carpets, velvet ropes, golden doors, glass elevators, ushers in tuxes...you can even have your wedding there if it suits your fancy! No joke. I would have loved to see the ball room. Totally would have taken my camera out to capture this place in all it's beauty but NO PICTURES PLEASE (Loews' rules, not Big Daddy's this time.)

What did we see? Million Dollar Baby.

Was is good? I guess, Big Daddy says so.

I fell asleep about 30 minutes into the movie.

Yes, I fell asleep.
Yes, I'm a dork.
Yes, this was supposed to be my big night out without the kids.
Yes, my parents drove 624 miles for me to fall asleep at the movie theater.

It was so past my bedtime, I couldn't help it.
I have never denied the fact that I SUCK!