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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Confessions of a Housewife

I went to Sam's Club on Sunday, my sole purpose was to purchase the extra huge box of Huggie Supreme Diapers and the colossal size package of cheap paper towels in which are the only reasons I became a member. But there they were...calling my name from the small wooden pallet they lay on....dum, dum, dum The 24 pack of King Size Rice Krispy Treats. In my mind I new this would be a fatal mistake. But my salivating mouth kept telling my hands "Grab them, grab them and run, run to the checkout and take them home." I managed to compose my professionalism the whole way home and left the little box of heaven in the back of the Explorer, untouched.

I even managed to have only two Treats on Monday (one right after the other).

Tuesday only found me eating one Treat, quietly after the kids were sleeping and before Big Daddy came home.

Wednesday is where I met my shame....................................................

Waking up a 8:00a.m., which is by far the latest I have slept in in months, left me feeling all sluggish and like I wanted to go back to bed. After all, the girls were STILL sleeping, this is why I managed such a late slumber. Plus, I was damn tired, Isabella and Sophia were UP ALL NIGHT, for no logical reason what so ever.

But I looked outside and saw what a beautiful sun shiny day it was going to be and immediately made all kinds of wonderful plans in my head to go here and then to lunch and then here (my favorite place in the world and the reason I will cry when I leave New England) to buy yummy, fresh and unique things to cook an amazing dinner for my hard working Big Daddy. It was going to be a glorious day!

I head out to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher, with every intention to then clean the rest of the house, wake up the girls, get ready and spend the rest of the day outdoors and go to all my little destinations. So fun!

Big Daddy had left the cupboard door open and there they were staring at me...The Rice Krispy Treats. Oh what the hell, I'll have just one, the girls were sleeping, who would know that this would be my breakfast? No one. No harm done.

Leaving the dishwasher door open and the cupboard door as well, I head over to the TV to eat my Treat and catch the weather, just to make sure it was as Beautiful as it appeared outside. The stupid Weather Channel just has to remind you of the date, which triggered a weak spot in my brain that said "Nikki, it's a new month, that means the next season of Sex and the City is on On Demand, watch it, watch it, watch it!!!!"

Oh, just one episode, why not, the girls are still asleep, then I'll get my day going.........

Well, the whole 5th season and 9 Rice Krispy Treats later, I found my self laying on the couch, stomach bloated beyond belief and clock reading 2:00p.m. And somewhere in between the Weather Channel and my 3rd Rice Krispy Treat, the girls were thrown a few bowls of cereal and told to go play in their room.

My day was wasted, my girls somewhat neglected and I surely gained 2 pounds.

Rice Krispy Treats are the devil.

And the scary part is, there are 8 Rice Krispy treat left in the box....What does my future hold?
And HEY, that means there are 5 Treats missing...Who has been eating my Treats? Who?
This is war!



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