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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Interview

Yesterday was the big day! After I had nervous diarrhea 5 times, and then continued to have it after I showered and did my make-up on the pot....(that is right, I can multi-task), I had my interview yesterday morning at 11:30. And I know you all are dying to know how it went, well it went...well, but I did not get a call back. I didn't really expect a call back, because I was probably the only person without the degree and certification yet that did apply. But I did give myself a huge pat on the back, because I totally took control of the interview, and in doing so, I found out that 40, I said FORTY people applied and they only interviewed the top 14. Which is superb for me, because....I don't even have the degree yet, and they know that and I still got the interview above the other 26 who did apply and had the certificate! So cheers to me! I gained great experience from it, learned a few things, and now I am set for when I actually have the degree and certification next spring and can really apply and give it hell! Thanks for all your prayers and support ya'll!
-Career Woman


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