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Monday, April 04, 2005

A Night Out In Beantown

Apparently my parents felt so terrible that they couldn't meet me half way Wednesday night, because my Dad could not get off work, that they hopped in the car Friday after he got off work and drove all the way to Massachusetts, got here at 5 o'clock Saturday morning, just so Big Daddy and I could go out Saturday night for our Anniversary and they got back in the car 5 o'clock Sunday morning and drove back to New Castle. They actually spent more time in the car this weekend then they did with us. They must really love me!

Big Daddy and I spent the evening in Boston's North End, unlike The South End that was filled with Irish Folk, the North End is the Italian Neighborhood. Never called Little Italy, I'm told. Not sure why. But anyhoo......this is by far my favorite part of town. I feel right at home. Kind of like the Italian Princess that I am :) With every turn of the cobblestone streets you find an Italian Bistro, pastry shop, cafe', or a bakery tucked in a narrow alleyway. Most bakeries are open 24 hours and you could smell that fresh baked bread from a mile away. I love it! In my opinion this is the most beautiful part of Boston. It's one of Boston's oldest neighborhoods, it's very historic. This is where you will find Paul Revere's House and the Old North Church. I did bring my camera with me, but to make Big Daddy happy, I did not take any pictures. He said he would like to spend one evening with out seeing spots from my flash. Understood. At least I already took some pics of the North End the last 10 times I was there. Although I did make sure that Big Daddy understood that when we are 100 years old and celebrating our 80th Wedding Anniversary and we are shriveled like prunes, he will wish that he had a very attractive 4th Wedding Anniversary picture to show off. And he won't have one.

I don't feel too much like fighting with Hello and Blogger, so if you'd like to see the North End...I've taken the liberty of steeling other peoples pics off the net for your enjoyment.
here, here and here.

So we started off the evening with a drive through Harvard, which made me feel all smart and sophisticated and I was so ready to dig into a greasy pizza! So off to Pizzeria Regina we went. So So So So So So Yummy!!!! We stood in line for 45 minutes just to get in the door.

Then off to The Theatre District for a movie. Boston is home to Loews Theatre, it is the only cinema in the city of Boston - but this doesn't mean Bostonians aren't into movies. This baby is 3 stories high. It has 19 screens and holds 4500 movie goers. Each floor is equipped with a snack bar the size of wal-mart, a cafe' and a Starbucks', just incase you need a cup of Joe while watching your flick. I mean, there were people chowing down on Chicken dinners in front of us. This place is unbelievable, red carpets, velvet ropes, golden doors, glass elevators, ushers in tuxes...you can even have your wedding there if it suits your fancy! No joke. I would have loved to see the ball room. Totally would have taken my camera out to capture this place in all it's beauty but NO PICTURES PLEASE (Loews' rules, not Big Daddy's this time.)

What did we see? Million Dollar Baby.

Was is good? I guess, Big Daddy says so.

I fell asleep about 30 minutes into the movie.

Yes, I fell asleep.
Yes, I'm a dork.
Yes, this was supposed to be my big night out without the kids.
Yes, my parents drove 624 miles for me to fall asleep at the movie theater.

It was so past my bedtime, I couldn't help it.
I have never denied the fact that I SUCK!


  • At 5:14 AM, Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said…

    Awe, sounds like you had a nice night! And I am not surprised AT ALL, that you fell asleep...remember when we did a movie for your bachlorette party? Guess things don't change! haha
    -Career Woman


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