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Friday, April 08, 2005

Random Advice for Friday

Um, yah, so I'm losing my mind. Slowly, but surely, this girl is going off the deep end. With everything going on in the last month with the wedding, gram, then funeral, school, finding a place for my internship, and house searching, these things have left me mad goofy, I tell ya! I'm off my rocker. Going bonkers. Jumpin' off the deep end. And losin' my marbles.

Since I work with the law right now, we'll use a little metaphor. Ya'll know how your innocent until being proven guilty right? Well, i'm guilty. I'm nuts people. I have enough viable, liable, validating evidence that leads to my insanity. Two things happened yesterday that if noticed, would put me in the nuthouse.

On my way to work yesterday morning, I decided that I was a little hungry. I made a pit-stop at Dunkin' Donuts for my traditional peanut butter toasted plain bagel (scrumptious may I inform you), and my green tea with cream and sugar (makes me feel all warm inside). As I am waiting in the line to order, my main chica K.P. calls with some house-hunting guidelines for me coming direct from the Lord of Contracting's mouth, her pops. As we are in deep conversation, I find spare minutes here and there to order, thank the wonderful woman who feeds me each morning at Dunkin' Donuts and to pull around to the "next window." In doing so, I pay the $3 and whatever for my scrumptious-yummy-in-my-tummy breakfast, get my change, put it in my wallet, continue talking and drive away. If you readers have noticed, one thing is missing from my list of "takes" from the donut kingdom. I DID NOT GET MY FOOD. Yep, left. And the best part, never EVER noticed until I drove all the way to work, only to still be on the phone with K.P., pull into the parking lot, and I cut her off mid-sentence with, "let me just tell you what an asshole I am." And you can all bet your asses that I drove alllll the way back to get my damn food. Eh...money don't grow on trees people.

The next amount of evidence that happened leading towards my insanity conviction was after I met with the school district that I am going to be doing my internship in. When I left the school, I was on my way to get gas, then back to work. I was eating Wendy's on the way (maybe food makes me crazy...I'm beginning to see a pattern), pull up at the gas station, insert my debit card (from my new bank, which I love... First Merit, I love you), pump the gas and I am so insistent on grabbing my receipt because I am a big girl who keeps a checkbook now and drive back to work. I pull up at work, get out of my cutest jeep, and find that I have never reattached the cap to my gas tank, nor have I closed the door to my gas tank. So I panick and wonder if I should have blown up on the drive over. Or did I just lose the $30 in gas that it took to give me half a damn tank (hate, hate, hate, the government)? Well, everything was fine... I guess.

So as you can see, just another typical Thursday in Career Woman 'ville. I am currently taking donations to put me in the looney bin. And oh yeah... my advice is this... do not talk on the phone while: driving, parking, eating, ordering, or paying for food. Only bad things happen when that cell phone is attached to your ear. As for the gas tank situation, no advice on that. Oh, well how about, just don't crack up!
~Career Woman


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