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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My Superbness Needs Your Advice

Disclaimer: There is a new post following this one... for some reason I feel the need to say that, because Housewife and I tend to post at the same time, and if I do not issue a disclaimer, I feel as though none of you will respond or read about her "digdog" and Big Daddy's bunny fetish.

Anyways, today has been productive. Productive enough that I am lounging in my desk chair, shoes off, indian style, planning a honeymoon and I have booked my bridal shower. That is right people, my wedding isn't for a whole year and two months, but it is booked. The travel agency did however laugh at me when I inquired about all-inclusive resorts, however, did not poke fun when they knew it was possible for me to book a cruise as we spoke! So, Pumpkinface and I are going to retrieve some paper work and brochures concerning possible honeymoon destinations and off we go!

As for Duquesne, they still are the only catholic university that does in fact, worship satan, little nicky, the damn dog, etc... I am sick, s.i.c.k. of them! No phone call. No email. No written letter. (Well on the written letter note, I should know better, I will receive that on a saturday so that no one is in the office to hear me bitch, moan, and curse at all personnel because they are all off enjoying their weekends while I bask in my misery and discontentment). Anywho, they are major c#@k suckers (sorry pops) whom I think I hate more than anonymous commenters! Wow...that's bad.

I have realized that I need to come up with something else to post about other than that damn school. However, nothing seems to be more interesting to our loyal readers than my eye-lashing towards all faculty. So this will have to do until then. I am taking advice until then. Should I, a) call the department office again and leave a shitty message, b) phone the head of the school of education and inform them of the imbosoles they hired in their department, c) write them another "open letter" via A Career Woman and a Housewife's Blog (for all of our enjoyment) or d) quit bitchin' and then sue? It's up to you... do you want humor or quietness? Oh, and before I forget, I will surely get hate mail for this.... so in the words of Housewife, bring it on bitches!
-Career Woman


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