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Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Day in the Life of Housewife

Woke Up: With a terrible back ache. Contemplated sucking down every drug in my medicine cabinet...Then thought, nay forget it, Yo home to Bel-Air.

No. Really.

I then proceeded hobbling to the kitchen singing "I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and yelled to the cabbi yo homes smell ya later looked at my kingdom I was finally there to sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel-Air.....

Then as I finished with the little na da na na na na na and did the little headed spin just like the Fresh Prince himself, something in my back snapped and VOILA! Better. Who needs drugs when you have the Fresh Prince? True story.

Took a Shower: Not an easy task when your by yourself with 2 small children. I've tried all the other ways. They are not sufficient. The only way I can get it done is to bring the whole crew into the bathroom with me. Before it was done, I had one small person wearing a Pull Up sitting on the drain with the water rising above my ankles and another small person trying to shave her legs. But we survived. Even the fall as we stepped out of the shower and onto the soaked bathroom floor. There goes my back again. (Mental note: it is absolutely impossible to keep the shower curtain in a closed position when you have a shower full of toddlers).

Out the Door: I had some errands to run today. First stop, STAPLES. Had to get a ink cartridge so I could finish printing pictures for a scrapbook page. The scrapbook that I have neglected for months but now feel pressured to start again because Career Woman is all caught up in the terrible addiction of scrapbooking and it's making me feel like I should really be finishing mine.

Now, I have been to this STAPLES once before. When I first moved here to Mass. I was new and disoriented and just thought that I looked out of place and that is why the people there were so friendly to me. But now, a 10 month resident, I feel comfortable and confident and feel that despite the fact that I can pronounce words correctly, I blend in with the New Englanders rather well. For this, I have no other reason to assume that this particular STAPLES is just where the Freakishly Friendly People work. I felt like the freakin' Queen of England in that place. You couldn't get better service at a Country Club. It was kind of spooky. It would not have surprised me if someone began to massage my feet as I stood in line. Now there are places that you shop where you could expect to have your ass kissed but....STAPLES? Scary. I'm thinking about writing a letter to STAPLES and telling them that I refuse to come back to that store until I'm treated like shit. Would that be weird? Cause seriously people, I'm afraid to go back there...they are Aliens!

Then to the scrapbook store. I actually thought I could look around and maybe even make a purchase in the scrapbook store with my kids with me. Huh. What a fool. I lasted a total of 3 minutes there. I was just a figment of the cashier's imagination. When she wakes up tonight from the sound of kids screaming she'll remember that the stressed out woman carrying the screaming banshee with a troll running at her feet, was in fact real.

Over to the grocery store for a few odd and ends. I had a small fight with Bella over some cupcakes and asked an Asian woman who I'll assume did not speak English to excuse me 5 five time cause she was blocking the aisle way, all while she stood there looking at me like I was naked. Checked to see if I WAS naked. Might explain why the Freakishly Friendly STAPLES People were so nice to me. WASN'T. Then left without gravy because I was too lazy to go up and around the aisle that was guarded by the Asian woman who I'll assume did not speak English.

Then over to McDonald's for lunch. Not my favorite choice, but I was out voted by the Ronald McDonald fan club sitting in car seats behind me. All because of the Playland..whoo-hoo! The very Playland that you cannot "play in" if you are not wearing socks. My very disappointed children who were wearing sandals, did not have socks on. No problem. I'll buy them at the counter. The McDonald's back home sold socks at the counter for $1 a pair. Problem solved. Nope. The half-wit behind the cash register might as well had called the manager over to help her laugh at me. Silly Housewife. Why would you ever think that the McDonald's with out the drive-through would also sell socks like every other effing McDonalds in the universe?
Oh, BTW I found out WHY there are no drive-throughs within a 50 mile radius of me. It apparently "degrades the town." Yes, a drive through supposedly degrades the snootiness of mere existence of Littleton, Acton, Westford, Concord and Lexington. The only way fast food restaurants were allowed to build in these towns were if they did not have a drive-though and were considered a "sit down restaurant." Woopty frickin' Dooo. McDonald's magically becomes a high class eating facility if you just chop off the outside menu and the speaker. After a fit of tears (from the kids, not me) I wander back to my table, clicking my sockless heels together. There's no place like home, There's no place like home, There's no place like home.

Back Home: I stumbled through the door carrying the dead weight of my sleeping baby and 5 bags of groceries, listening to Bella cry because the toy from her Happy Meal that she had to carry in "was too heavy."

Are there any takers out there willing to give me a day off? Anyone? Yoo hooo? Helloooo.

Guess not.

And I didn't even tell you how my evening was.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Hola Kiddies!

Mamma's back - and it has been a long, long time. A lot has happened since the last time I was able to post from Duquesne such as:
1. I ordered my wedding gown! And it is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Housewife can vouge for that because she was there, and so was my mama.
2. I picked my bridesmaid dresses and colors the same day and had 10 girls, that's right, I said "TEN" girls get fitted, measured, primped, and paid for them because they were going to be discontinued by the end of the month, so... check!
3. I have developed a mega-tan considering I am still job-less, and prospect-less leading me to lounge by the pool - all day, every day until I fry like a lobster, or just when it's time for dinner.
4. My cousin Adam got married on June 18th, and that wedding was a freakin' blast and a half - I have pictures, I will post.
5. A-ha, and as you all already know, Pumpkinface got me my digital camera for my birthday, which was yesterday!
6. My birthday was Monday, the 27th and for all of you that don't know me, it is a weekend, if not week-long celebration. Pumpkinface requested off early on Saturday because there were a good eight of us who were going to go out, so yes, we got very, VERY drunk, and we danced, and then got more drunk, then danced some more, and got more drunk, then it was time to go home. Then his parents had a picnic for me on sunday with my favorite, ice cream cake with purple icing and they got me my very own scrapbooking kit - which I love. On my real birthday, him and I spent the day at the pool, basking in the sun, and then out with my family to the Olive Garden for some chicken scampi, margaritas, tiramisu, and those fun little Andes mints that I devour no matter how full I am.
7. I have completed three pages of my scrapbook with obviously a limited amount of accessories, but damn. I. Am. Good. At this shit. So once I figure out how to upload the pictures from my camera I will take pictures for all of you to see and collaborate with the scrapbooking pro, Housewife.
8. Pumpkinface and I had our engagement photos today. Um, can you say cutest engaged couple EVER?! (with the exception of K Pac and Matt, Michelle and Brandon, Ashlee and Brandon, and Jamie and Eric).

Well, I am off to scrapbook some more and go and wait for Pumpkinface to get home from work to show off my scrapbook pages of our b-e-a-utiful bodices. Sorry for the lack of humor and fun wittiness that you are used to - give me time, it'll all come back to mamma!
-Career Woman

The Beach And A Few Open Letters

What ever happen to quality blogging on this site? This used to a place where one could come and read mean and conceited things and laugh and maybe even wish they could slap us for some of the things we say but as I scroll through my archives all I see is boring play by play posts of my life. Really, who wants to read this? I guess all this beautiful weather has put me in this good mood and nothing irritates me anymore. No rants? No Open Letters? No HW and CW dialogue? What is this place? And what have you done with A Career Woman and A Housewife? I am actually shocked that I have not gotten any hate mail about how sick someone is of reading about my family life. Hmmmm? Perhaps the disclaimer and the Asshole Hall of Fame has actually sunken in? Whatever the case may be, thanks for sticking with me on this. I know we are all waiting for an exciting post from Career Woman...I wish she would get with the program and get her internet fixed or get a job or something. So once again I will post about Family Fun Sunday, The Beach, and My Children. Simply because that is ALL I have to post about.

We spent the entire day at Hampton Beach. Again. And so did half of New England and a good percentage of tourists. As if the beach was not packed enough...The tide kept get coming closer and closer towards shore, forcing everyone to pack up their belongings and move 'em back about 10 feet. And we had to make the 10 foot move about every 15 minutes. By the end of the day. There was very little beach left and a whole lot of sweaty, sunburned strangers getting REALLY close with one another. This sent mostly everyone running into the water. This also meant that lots of lifeguards were patrolling

An Open Letter to The Super Sexy Shaven Lifeguard Hunk

Dear Super Sexy Shaven Lifeguard Hunk,

Thank you for being such a beautiful sight amongst the grossly out of shape hairy guys that roam the beach in speedos. Your perfectly coifed blond hair and amazingly buff body that was tanned to a perfectly golden shade has made me smile and brought back my enthusiasm for a day at the beach after being forced to sit so closely to a man with visible fungus growing on his foot. Watching you walk back and forth along the waves infront of me has brought to my attention that I do have a thing for men in uniform. A very small, red, almost non-existent, uniform. I don't know if it was your breath-takingly good looks, the way you blew your whistle or the fact that your legs appeared smoother than my own that has grabbed my attention but again, I thank you Super Sexy Shaven Lifeguard Hunk, for making my day a little sweeter.


An Open Letter to The Lovely Young Couple That Desperately Needed A Room

Dear Lovely Young Couple That Desperately Needed A Room,

There is only one reason two people would be wrapped in a blanket... On a beach... In weather that is over 100 degrees. You. Were. Doing. It.
For how obvious you had made yourselves, there is really no reason to have suffered the heat under the blanket. Why not just throw off the blanket and smile for sleezeball 5 feet over, that was taking your picture?
Lovely Young Couple That Desperately Needed A Room, I was very close to getting up and taking a collection of money from other beach goers so that you could go across the street to the Drift In Motel and purchase yourself a bed with 4 walls and a door. However when the young lady got up and began tying her bikini bottom back together at the side, while walked down to the water to rinse herself off, I then realized that my thoughtful gesture was too late. Please don't let this happen again.


An Open Letter to The Boy That Made It His Job to Throw Sand In My Eye

Dear Boy That Made It Your Job To Throw Sand In My Eye,

I don't know why your were running on the beach. Did you not realize there was a very TINY area we all were force to inhabit this hot and sunny day? Has it not been brought to your attention that when you run through sand it kicks up and lands in the faces of people laying on it? Lots of people lie in the beach. It's called suntanning. Something your very white self may not be familiar with. I repositioned myself several times, just to have you run on the other side of my blanket and kick more sand into my eye. Please do me a favor and run into the water. Far, far, far into the water. So far that Super Sexy Shaven Lifeguard Hunk will be forced to jump in after you. Seeing the Super Sexy Shaven Lifeguard Hunk emerge from the water with wet trunks may be your only hope of me forgiving you.


An Open Letter To The Lady That Forgot That Sound Travels

Dear Lady That Forgot That Sound Travels,

Just a little reminder that just because you have on headphones and the people around you cannot hear your music, does not mean they cannot hear YOU when you sing along with your music. Perhaps this would have been OK when we were all spread out, very far from one another but you are now surrounded by lots of people that find it nauseating to hear a 40 year old woman in a lime green thong, singing "OOPS I DID IT AGAIN" at the top of her lungs with absolutely no instrumental music to drowned out her unpleasant pitch.
Lady That Forgot That Sound Travels, please stop singing. The retired couple behind you has now put down their reading books and are beginning to look very hostile. They most likely will be approaching you soon.


Well, I'd love to tell you all more but it seems I'm running out of time, someone has to cook dinner here. I have some really cool pictures of the sand sculptures. If anyone's interested let me know and I'll post them.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Father's Day

A very belated yet very happy father's day to all of our 1 father that probably reads this site (Hi Doug!) It was back to the beach for this family. Hampton Beach is holding it's 5 th annual Master Sand Sculpting Competition. We stopped by early in the morning to see what was happening. There was only 1 sculpture in the making at this point...A very beautiful and very detailed castle...

Bella (of course) wanted a castle just like it. "A real one" that she could "really go inside of." Well Big Daddy may have lacked the skills and supplies to build his little princess a castle...But he didn't lack the imagination to satisfy a three year old princess worthy of her very own sand castle that she could "really go inside of." A few minutes of digging and voila!

We walked the beach for hours, digging for sand dollars and left with quite a collection. Big Daddy pulled up something else in the water. A starfish, still alive. Bella stuck him on her swimming suit and it suctioned to it...she wore it around like a badge of honor for most of the day.

When we first got there (really early in the morning so we could see the high tide, 8 foot waves) it was still cold and very windy...perfect weather for.......

In all Big Daddy got to spend a really nice and relaxing day with his girls...

And as disappointing as it may be, there were no terrible pictures of my arse this time. Sad. I know.

But not to worry, it seems I have passed the torch!

Again...Happy Belated Father's Day and if there are any lurking Father's out there, now would be a good time to identify yourself!


So these past few days I've been enjoying the sun and going shopping. Have any of you heard of Brighton Jewelry? I'm addicted to it! Very addicted. So addicted in fact, that I spent a very large sum of money on it today and will most likely be in lots of trouble when Big Daddy gets home. Yikes! I probably won't get the opportunity to buy myself such things of beauty in a long long time because I sense that my debit card will be confiscated tonight. So if any of you have heard of it or know of it, you can feel free to buy me a piece, any piece you choose,it's all very pretty, and send it to me. If you address it to Housewife, Littleton Massachusetts...it will surely get to me...or not........

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Beach Babies

I guess one of the rewards for making it through a horrifying New England Winter is getting to enjoy the beautiful beaches all summer long. Growing up in New Castle, I never had the luxury of only a 30 minutes drive to the ocean but this summer my girls will definitely become beach babies because I plan on taking advantage of every single nice day we get...At the beach!

Hampton Beach, NH on Monday.

Isabella couldn't get enough of the water. Her favorite? Sitting in the wet sand with her back towards the ocean and waiting for a wave to come and push her forward. You would think I handed her the keys to every amusement park in the world when I showed her that little trick. I would say she spent the majority of the time there riding the waves. Sophia on the other hand...She preferred playing in the sand. She was terrified of the waves (at first). That's my Sophia! Getting dirty every chance she gets!

My parents and my sister weren't prepared for the beach. Eh, that didn't stop them from jumping in...Clothes and all!

The highlight of the day? When Bella found a starfish. Also, a girl was crying hysterically at the beach, my dad approached her to see what was wrong. Apparently, she took off her wedding band and her engagement ring and set them on her lap while she applied sun block. Then a bug flew at her and she jumped up to swat it away just as the waves came further onto the beach and washed up right under her chair and her rings? Gone. She was hysterical! She said that the one ring wasn't even paid off yet nor was it insured. So, my dad called in the troops...We all started helping this girl look for her ring, hoping that they hadn't been washed away. People started coming over to see what was wrong and before you know it, we had 20 people digging in the sand all around where this girl had been sitting. After about 20 minutes, some lady found one of the rings, so we all began digging in that area and before you knew my dad pulled up the other ring. They were buried at least 3-4 inches under the sand. She was soooo lucky. She jumped up and hugged my dad (whom was a complete stranger to her), crying for like 5 minutes. Some of the people started crying too. See? People from New Castle aren't just the goofballs that swim in the ocean with their clothes on...They're heroes too! Ahhh, always drama!

From all the that digging for the ring, Bella started taking a liking to the sand.

And Sophia...Well she warmed up to the water. In fact she wasn't leaving without a fight. This is by far my favorite picture of the day. Here's my dad trying to get Sophia out of the water so we could head home. She's screaming "NO!" and splashing the cold water on her Pappy at the same time! He's shocked, no?

And you didn't think you were getting off that easy, did you? A day at the beach and no picture of my rear? HAH! At least I'm not bending over...That could get ugly.

Me and Bella making our way out to my sister, who of course was diving under, clothes and all!


It seems K Pac is having trouble sending me the pictures of Bella in her miniature bride dress and of me with a broken heel. That's too bad...The one of me hobbling out of the restaurant in uneven shoes was classic!

And.....If you read the previous post...Pumpkinface got Career Woman her digital camera YIPEE! What could be better than illustrated posts from CW? I can't wait.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Digital Camera Time

I. GOT. MY. DIGITAL. CAMERA. Only.... I do not have internet access at home, but it is wonderful! I got it monday night as a surprise from Pumpkinface for my cousin Adam's wedding this weekend! Was I ever more excited? Yes, but I was sooo very excited that day that I took a million pictures - I even stooped so low to bring my camera to Pizza Hut. No, I did not take pictures there, but she came for the ride! Then we went to my brother's baseball game and took some pictures there. Then I took pictures of Pumpkinface in my room - all of which will be posted as soon as I am able to gain some internet access which my dad should be on.

But anyways, I have class this week from 9-5 and we are on our lunch break - so I come to you again live from Duquesne, but this had to be short and sweet because I am off to apply for school loans and stuff! :)

-Career Woman

Monday, June 13, 2005

And Oh What A Wedding Week It Was!

Housewife here, reporting to you from back in MASS. We arrived safely at 5:00p.m. today. Boy, will it take me a while to recover from "Wedding Week 2005 Part 1" and trust me the saga will continue! This was just the first of many Wedding Weeks to come this year!

We arrived in good ole' New Castle at around 7:30p.m. Monday night after a long trip home. It took us a whopping 13 hours to get from Boston to New Castle this time. Outrageous. Completely Outrageous! (Mental note: NEVER travel on a Monday. Never travel on a Monday with summer construction. Never travel during the day with small children. Never leave at such a time were you will hit morning rush hour in Hartford Connecticut and afternoon rush hour in Scranton Pennsylvania. Oh, and please be sure to be prepared for I80 to be completely shut down and have to take a very long detour due to a semi-truck accident.) So......

I'll start with Tuesday... We kicked off Wedding Week just the way anyone would expect A Career Woman and A Housewife to kick off such an occasion...A day at the pool so we could soak up some sun and look better in the pretty dresses we will be trying on. But it wasn't all play. We did do some homework by sitting poolside with every bridal magazine in print.
Isabella took a big jump off the diving board...but not until after she made me tread water for a good 15 minutes then she decided to actually do it. Nothin' like a little exercise.

Wednesday: We took a family day. Career Woman had to go to her brother's award ceremony and I had to visit with family while I was home. Besides we had to rest for the big day tomorrow! And yes I did receive a threatening phone call from Career Woman before I went to bed that night...she basically stated that if I was a minute late when she comes to pick me up for her appoitment at the bridal shop, she will have my life. Hmmm, actually it was more like "Nikki, don't make me have to get up, come to your house, pull you out of bed by your hair and make sure you are ready on time. 10 to 10, I will be there at 10 to 10, that is 9:50 Nikki, nine- fifty!"

Thursday: Career Woman pulls up at my house at a little after 10:00a.m. Go figure. But not to worry. We made it in plenty of time for her appointment. It was so exciting! This is us in front of the bridal shop.

There were so many pretty dresses. Morgan's mom and I had a tough job, really. Honestly, who's opinion counts more than the bride's mother and the Matron of Honor's? No one's. No one's except KE's too. We missed you KE! KE is the Maid of Honor, for those that don't know but she couldn't make it in from ATL, so so sad :( Morgan looked good in every single dress she tried on, but some of them just didn't give us "the feeling." You know...the goose bumps, the watery eyes, the jaw dropping to the floor, absolutely stunned, THIS IS THE ONE feeling. As we poised ourselves proudly on the couch in the dressing room we found ourselves looking like this, quite a few times.....

We narrowed it down to 2 dresses.

Career Woman just couldn't make a decision. What's a girl to do?

Well, we were already there for a good 3 hours, so we decided to take a walk across the street to Wendy's, get a bite to eat and discuss the dresses and then we'd go back to the bridal with our choice and start looking for bridesmaid dresses.

They were both gorgeous. But we were confidant with our decision...So back to Bridal Shop we went...Morgan tried the dress on again and it was breathtaking! I cried. What else is
new? So now we have one happy little bride. YES!
It took us about another 2 hours to decide on a bridesmaid dress and a color and we were done! Whoooooo-Hoooooooo! This is gonna be such a beautiful wedding! And can you even believe it? We did it all in one day! We didn't even have to go to the other dress shop that we had an appointment at!

Friday: Which was a good thing we didn't go to that other appointment. I went to get my hair done and that took 3 hours itself. I am now blonde. Not really, I just got highlights. But to me, I am blonde. I have never gone lighter...so it's a little drastic for me. While I was there I got an exciting phone call from our friend Michelle...She had just gotten engaged that morning and was calling to tell me. YEY! Another Wedding! Of course I screamed and made a spectacle of myself in the beauty salon, but you'll have that when I'm around. After my hair appointment...Career Woman and I headed back down to the bridal Shop to get two other bridesmaids fitted for their dress! Our job is never done. That night, I went out for a drink with my cousin. I couldn't stay out too late though, tomorrow's another big day.

Saturday: Another fun-filled Wedding Day. First I went to a Red Hat Society meeting with my mom. Just a few of them met a Perkin's for breakfast to discuss details about a trip they are going on at the end of this month. Here we are....
Then I went to visit my great-aunt Mary at her Nursing Home and then rushed home bath my girls and get ready for Wedding stuff. We went over to Boardman Ohio to a the bridal shop that my friend K Pac got her bridesmaids gowns at so that I could be fitted and so Bella (her miniature bride) could try on some dresses. K Pac took pictures that she will be sending me and then I'll post them. Then we drove back down to Morgan's bridal shop that is almost an hour away, for K pac to be fitted and we met the Newly Engaged Michelle there so she could be fitted as well. Then we all headed back to New Castle and ate a late lunch/early dinner at very yummy Italian Restaurant called "2 Tomatoes." While we were there we ran into Career Woman's family and while were standing there talking to them...the heel fell off my shoe. Again, K Pac has pictures of that and when I get them...I'm sure I will post them, along with a story. That night Morgan, Michelle and I went out for a drink to celebrate Michelle's engagement! No one knows how exciting it is for me that all my friends are getting married now. I'm not the only one anymore!!! I didn't get home 'til 1:00a.m. and was on the road back here to MASS at 5:00a.m. Sunday morning.

Big Daddy and I missed each other so much! I hate leaving him when I have to go back to PA. And he equally hates being here in MASS by himself. He always tries to do something sweet for me when I come back, whether it be cook me dinner or get a movie or have fresh flowers for me...always something. Well this time....his sweet nothings turned into something a little better. When I walked in the house he made me close my eyes and he walked me into the bedroom and when I opened my eyes I saw this....

And no, he didn't just sprinkle rose petals on the bed....this is what my bedroom looked like before I left for New Castle (this picture was taken when we first moved here)


Big Daddy got up this morning and went to Macy's, Filene's and Bed, Bath and Beyond all by himself to find a new way to spice up the bedroom so he could surprise me with something.Maybe a little extreme by buying a whole new bed suit? But this is why I love this guy so much!!! White satin sheets and all... and the red comforter is so fluffy, it's Egyptian Satin. The sprinkled rose petals were just icing on the cake. I love it! He was so proud of himself and he informed me that he is now very educated about sheets and fabric counts because of his little adventure today.

My mom, dad and sister came back with me...they are here just for the next 2 days. I'm sure you'll hear from me again this week about that.

I'm gonna go snuggle with Big Daddy in the satin sheets now...good night!


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Aaah, Unemployment is Grrrreat!

Um, yeah, okay - so everyone knows I am currently unemployed right? Which meant that I would be spending my days at home. computer-less. blog-less. I am sad and I know you all are, but blessed Duquesne has let us out of one class early, just so I have a good hour inbetween my next class just to blog. So again, coming to you live from Duquesne...it's an update and where in the hell A Career Woman has been for the last 5 days.

Friday, June 3: A Career Woman's last day being a "career woman." Yeah so I left work and decided that after the pay cut I would be taking, I needed to get my nails done. So I went with K Pac to go freshen up the "do" on my tips and out to dinner. Pumpkinface was working and her fiance was busy moving, so K Pac and I decided to make it a girl's night, which consisted of dinner and pop (blah) and talking about our weddings (yippee).

Saturday, June 4: Hair, Pool, and Syrian Food. Career Woman and Pumpkinface hung out around the house until he went to work, then I had another hair appointment for another step in the process of "Make Morgan a Blonde Bride for her Wedding" Afterwards, I went to take a dip in the pool. That is right, I said "pool," and it is "open," and I am going to go get "burnt," but of course, as life may have it, when I stepped foot out of the hair salon, there went the sun...right back into the cucky clouds (but not as cucky as cucky-face...whom is still cucky). Of course the love of my life was working, (life stinks but money doesn't) so I went out to eat with the fam at this awesome syrian restaurant for my aunt's last night home before going back to N.C. (the state). Which I definately topped off my syrian "garlic" meal, with two scoops of chocolate and black raspberry cones.

Sunday, June 5: A Day of Fun-In-The-Sun, Pumpkinface and I went to breakfast (as we typically do on family fun sundays) and then went to bask in the sun with beer and wine coolers at the pool with my family. It was a grrrrr-eat day! Um, yeah I got cooked, yep just like a turkey in the oven, only I was red, and sore, and still sore - 4 days later. But we had so much fun. Then off to the Olive Garden we went (mind you this was our second time during the same week to drive a half an hour to eat their breadsticks - we. are. obsessed.). And then we both literally went to bed at 8:30 when we got home.

Monday, June 6: More Sun, A Baseball Game, and a Meal with our Newly-Engaged Friends, Ash and Billy. We decided to go hang around the pool for a little during the day before my aunt was gonna head out. We got dressed afterwards and headed over to my little brother's baseball game. (whom, may i mind you, is the cutest thing in baseball pants this side of PA). After that, we met our friends for dinner, our treat, for their engagement. We had an awesomely good time again. (p.s.... and I joined the gym again, so get rid of my lard - which is a little late considering I am trying on bridal gowns tommorrow and Friday).

Tuesday, June 7: Work-out, Housewife and Bella at the Pool, Mall and Din-Din again. Pumpkinface and I are cute and stuff so we both leave and go to the gym at separate times, then meet up again for lunch. Well afterwards we had some company because HOUSEWIFE CAME HOME, to go dress shopping with me! Is she not the best? Go ahead...you can tell her! But she came home with my little flower girl and minature bride and I still, will, eat, their, faces, each time I am in their presence. Housewife and I swam allllllll day after Pumpkinface went to work and we. got. burnt. Yes it hurts. Yes we are red. But yes, it is worth it in the end. As long as skin cancer doesn't set in... then it probably wouldn't be worth it anymore now would it?! But afterwards, we headed to the mall for me to pick out some dresses for the million, gazillion weddings I have this summer and out to dinner. First off, let me remind you that I am fat. Yes, I believe I am, so don't yell at me, because it doesn't matter what you think, I think I am fat. Not that fat, but fat enough that I hate it and had to rejoin the gym. Actually, who am I kidding, I am beautiful regardless, now I just have curves! :) (Pictures will be coming when Housewife can post and I get my freakin' camera...).

Wednesday, June 8: Awards assembly, gym, lunch, houses, pool, then ....school. Today was very eventful, and the more I think of it, thank goodness I don't have a job to occupy all this time, because man, I am busy. Today was the last day of school, so my brother and sister were getting their awards. My brother is still in elementary and my sister is going to 10th grade, but they are both, so, verrrryyyyy different. Let's compare their awards (but, disclaimer, both I am equally proud of for various reasons.)
Brother's List of Awards: Top score in all subject areas including: Math, Science, History, Handwriting, Spelling, Reading, High Honor all year, and how cute, the Citizenship Award.
Sister's List of Awards: Most Likely to Turn Homework in Late, and Best Dressed.
Now, for those of you who know me, are well aware why I am equally proud of the both of them. Brother is so smart like his big sister Career Woman, and sister is so well presented due to Career Woman's clothes and outfit picks that I was all teary-eyed over the both of them. We've done well!

So now, as you have read at the top, I am at hell on earth - a.k.a. school. But, only 1 more class and those are tomorrow and then I am done with this 10:00 p.m. at night crap and onto a week long class next week from 9-5 (see, I definately shouldn't have a job). But ya'll, I promise that I am going to post comments as soon as I get another second to jump on this but I promise that I have been reading, and laughing, and enjoying. But ya'll better get excited, because - the camera and an abundant amount of pictures will be coming soon! Love ya and Miss ya!
-Career Woman

Monday, June 06, 2005

My Whole Weekend

What Can Brown Do For You?
It helped me find a potty.

Friday's Girly Adventure brought us (back) to Maine. With much nicer weather. I'll get to some pictures in a minute here...first I'd like to tell you a little story.

So we're driving around Maine, it took us 1 hour to drive into Maine, then we drove around to all the viewpoints and along all the scenic routes, so this basically means that it's going on 3 hours without a potty break. This is quite a big deal to a 3 year old with a teeny tiny bladder. It is now going on 45 minutes since Isabella announced that she "had to go pee" and I'm desperately trying to find her a potty. We were driving through Ogunquit and stopped along this strip of shops and inns...none of these shops would allow my poor wiggling, crotch grabbing little girl use their facilities. As we are walking out of this one shop, a UPS guy is delivering boxes...he overhears Bella (who is now tearing up because she has to go so bad) saying "but I really have to pee Mommy." The UPS man approaches me and says "does she need a restroom?" I'm a little puzzled at first and I'm like "Er...Yeah." So he gives me this "wait a minute" gesture and starts banging on the door of this bistro that is not even open yet (this is around 11:00a.m.) No one answers so he goes "follow me." Still a little puzzled but desperate nevertheless I follow Mr. UPS Man across the street to this Inn. As we are walking across the street he shakes my hand and asks me my name and for Bella's as and begins to explain to me that the people in this town aren't that friendly and are funny about letting the public use their restrooms. We walk into the back entrance of this Inn were about 5 employees are sitting in an office and Mr. UPS Man says "Hello, these are my new friends Nikki and Isabella, Isabella needs to use the potty, may she use your's?" The people are like "Oh sure" (then began oohing and awing over Bella's bow-legged walk as she waddles to their bathroom with both hands between her legs.) I hear Mr. UPS Man talking to the office people while I'm helping Bella in the potty. He obviously knows these people cause they are talking about a local soccer team and he asks this one lady how her daughter is as he is waiting for us...so at this point I'm no longer too weirded out by him. After Bella unleashed Niagara Falls itself into the toilet and we graciously thanked the nice Office People at the Inn, we are walking back across the street to my mom and sister and praising Mr UPS Man for finding us a potty. He gives us a friendly smile and says "Hey, I have a 6 year old and when they gotta go, they gotta go...I know how it is...glad I could help." He hops back into his truck and drove off a hero. Moral of the story is...There still are good people left in this world and they work for UPS. My intentions? I'm gonna write a letter (a nice one for a change) to UPS and tell them my story. Mr. UPS Man deserves to be commended for his good deed. Who knows?Maybe someday my story will be a sappy UPS commercial. Yes, I have high hopes like that.

So back to Friday's Girly Adventure...I bet you wanna see pictures, huh? OK.

First we stopped along the ocean to find some sea shells. Here's my sister Janice, out on the rocks.....

We had a whole bag full of ocean treasures by the time we were done.

Then we drove out to the lighthouse. This time it was much less eerie without the storm.

That's my mommy Bertha, for those of you without the privilege of knowing her.

Then over to Brown's Homemade Ice Cream for none other than some Brown's Homemade Ice Cream. It's write up the street from the lighthouse, with the prettiest view of the ocean...I know you've seen enough water by now, so how 'bout some funny ice cream faces?......

Bella, chowin' down on her "Blues Clues" ice cream (and sharing a little with the picnic table.)

Sophia, making sure she gets every last bite of her Caramel w/ Caramel Swirl.

Oh and wait...it wouldn't be a trip to the beach without someone snapping a picture of me bending over...and it really wouldn't be a post about a trip to the beach without me showing you the picture of me bending over.......

Really why do people always find it necessary to photograph me in this position and why in the hell do I post them?...I guess it's just becoming a tradition hear on A Career Woman and A Housewife.

Speaking of tradition...It is now becoming a tradition for me to risk my life in one way or another while I'm in Maine, right?
Here's the picture I snapped while I was driving on my way home just because the truck in front of me was from Carmel, IN and it made me think of Erin. Word of Advice: It is not wise to hold a camera to your eye while driving 75mph in 4 lanes of traffic on I495. This most definitely qualifies as "risking my life" for the Maine trip tradition.

That's pretty much it...it was really fun to spend the day with my mom and sister...I miss doing that!


My Dad has been going to work with Big Daddy these past few days...he likes to be outdoors and it's a nice change from his office job so Big Daddy's been making him get his hands dirty at the Golf Course. On Saturday...Big Daddy threw a big cook out at the course for his workers...they stopped production at 2:00p.m. and everyone's family came, one of the Mexican guys cooked up some really yummy Mexican food for everybody.

Then we took a walk around the course and stopped for a picture that I will be e-mailing to my Dad's office so that everyone there can see that he took time off to go do labor work...I'm sure they will all appreciate that! That's my Dad, Rod sporting the Steeler's hat in Patriot's territory. GO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!! And of course us girls and my Big Daddy.

Then Saturday night, Big Daddy and I took a ride back up to Maine (I just can't get enough of this place, can I?)It was pitch black a long the coast and the tide was really high...we sat for hours along the rocks and watched the waves roll in and watched the stars...then it got really cold cause we were getting splashed when the waves would hit the rocks so we drove up to the light house and watched the stars somemore...you could barely see the lighthouse, you'd just catch a glimpse of it when it's light would flash...it's absolutely amazing how many stars you see out there in the darkness, just beautiful! We didn;t get home 'til 2:00a.m.


Sunday, the recital! I don't suppose I have to tell you that I cried, that's a given, right? I can't even begin to put the cuteness into words. With the advice of my faithful blog friends, I took those pictures! They're not very good, kinda blury cause I was so far away, but they're pictures.

Here's a picture in the dressing room. Bella, second from the left.

Then they're headed off with the teacher to back stage and yes I am very choked up at this point and take off running to the auditorium for the show!

Lady in Ugly Brown Skirt is now a Farmer and there's my little flower......

Simply Breathtaking!

Wiping my tears, I head back to the dressing room (as class mother) to get the girls dressed for their next number. Here they go again......

Ok, I'm bookin' back down to the auditorium and almost sure that the poor man that I have to keep stepping over to get to my seat is ready to trip me. These little Chickens had the audience in hysteria...I'm surprised they even heard the music over all the laughing and clapping...Most. Adorable. Thing. Ever.

After the recital we went out for a bite to eat to celebrate. Bella's Choice. Applebee's. She loves their french fries!


Right now it's 1:50a.m. Monday morning...I'm leaving with my Mom and Dad to go back to PA in 3 hours. I'll be there just for a week. Reason? To go dress shopping with Career Woman and possible go to some florist just to get some flower idea's. According to Career Woman "It will be a Wedding Week, just like on the Discovery Channel." So I'm sure you'll be getting a good old fashion collaborated post from both CW and HW about our week. I can just feel your excitment. I'm off to finish packing...at this point, I might as well not even go to sleep. WOW! This post was long...hope you made it through!


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tiny Dancer

All the excitement had died down, for the first time in hours I could hear a pin drop in the room, John had left to take a shower, the proud and exhausted grandparents had gone home, the chatters of all of my friends (who by the way are the best people in the world)had vanished and the last nurse had left (not without taking one last look at my cooch.) It was just me a plethora of balloons and my sweet brand new baby girl. Still in complete shock that I actually had a girl (and that I actually DID live through childbirth), I lay there staring at this soft little being with the biggest, darkest brown eyes that I had ever seen. And a million hopes and expectations for her, ran through my head. As I fell asleep that night, visions of a little ballerina dancing across a stage flashed in my mind .........and today..............

Isabella's Dress Rehearsal, there she is, my sweet little ballerina baby, second from the left.

Yeah I know, it's only Dress Rehearsal, but the tears were flowin' like you wouldn't believe. All I could picture was my little baby with the big brown eyes and how I couldn't wait for her to be a ballerina. Pretty emotional. And I'm so damn proud of her...I know every mother thinks their child is the best one up on that stage, but dudes...she rocked! Just look at her perfect form!

Look, Look...straight leg and pointed toes, chin up, hands out to the side...Mama taught her well! Perfection!

They did Peter, Paul and Mary's The Garden Song for their Ballet number...they all started crouched down and the teacher came out and "watered" them one by one...this is Bella right after she was "watered" and was growing into a beautiful flower...just thought I'd clear that up in case anyone thought some psycho-bitch in an ugly brown skirt was trying to smash my kid on the head with a watering can, you never know.

And for their Novelty Dance, a song called "Us Chickens" ... complete with flapping arms, quacking, and a little bit of booty shakin' - that's my girl! I didn't take any still pictures for that one, at least not any that turned out good...I was laughing hysterically and couldn't focus...But here are a few of our little Chickens in the dressing room striking a pose!

Bella, third from the left.

The Recital isn't until Sunday.. no photography allowed (huh, we'll see about that.) But unless someone smacks down the rules at me while I'm in mid-snap...I may have pictures...If not, these are close enough. And if I could somehow put the video clips that took today on this blog, ya'll would have top notch entertainment right here, baby! There is nothing cuter than a group of three year-olds strutting their stuff up on that stage!No way!

BTW...Mama, Papa and Sista arrived safely this morning from PA...Papa is going to work with Big Daddy tomorrow to do manly stuff and us girls will probably go on some sort of an adventure. Hopefully I'll have some funny stories worthy of a post for ya!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Treasured Finding

Prior to the weekend, I went down to my grandma's house to get some more stuff out of it. By "stuff," I mean that I picked up my computer that I gave to her after I graduated from college. I knew that there would be some good, juicy findings saved on the computer from our crazy college years, but never knew I would find all this. Much to my dismay, my gram still used the same wallpaper as her background that I had in college. It was my roommate Danielle's brindle boxer, Zoey that we got our senior year of college. Zoey was so cute and cuddly, but Zoey did not appear cute and cuddly on the desktop... Zoey was asleep, with beer cans surrounding her, and one underneath her paw (as if to look as those she passed out from all the partying -ya know, kinda like we did - no we didn't dad :)). If my grandma would have actually opened something in the computer she would have came across all of Danielle's pictures from our senior year that she downloaded on my computer. Yes, she would have witnessed her drunken granddaughter singing and dancing on bars with all her friends. She would also have gotten a cultural view of the city of Pittsburgh from a car window, or the streets of the southside or the strip district from a sidewalk on New Year's Eve or one of 601's birthdays. (Disclaimer: 601 was our apartment number in our complex, let's just say that it was infamous, people even began to think that 601 had it's own language - maybe we did). Gram would have also taken a tour on our cruise we took for spring break or the beautiful blue waters of Cancun - but luckily, she did not. Last, but not least, Gram would have found our "Quotes 2002-2003," (a.k.a. our senior year of college, which, by the way, feels like a century ago).

This list was 7 pages long, single spaced, with incriminating evidence of the nitwits, drunks, and rockin' good times we really were. Ya know, before the whole job, fiance, real life thing we started after we graduated in May of '03. Finding the quote list brought me back to the good 'ole days of what used to be - the great, awesome friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I was somber, yet thrilled that I had such a wonderful college experience and I owe it all to "601." It also made me miss K.E. and Ryan even more since they moved down south and made me realize that I am the only loser who stayed in this quaint little town in western PA. But it definatly made me smile, and snort, and have tears running down my face with laughter, because we are just that damn funny. Below I am going to place some of the best, funniest, dumbest things that we have said during our senior year at Duquese University in 2002-2003. I hope these make you laugh and think about the friends that you hold dear and will cherish for your entire lives. And this is my public service announcement - if you're still in school - cherish each day, it goes so fast. If you're out of school, never lose touch with those friends, because most certainly they have changed you forever...for the best!

1. "He's fallen into the gay catergory now, and I don't associate myself with gay people anymore. I'm going to focus my energy on people I like, like you guys!" - Danielle
2. "I'm going to put on my camoflague thong and then you won't see me anymore." -Kristin
3. "They need to play a song that'll get everyone dancing, you know, like the electric slide." -Carly at a dance club.
4. "I'm more serious than world peace at a Miss America Pageant." -Ryan
5. "CAMO-FREAKIN-PANTS MORGAN, Do you understand?" - K.E. about...Camo Pants
6. "Car, remember how Princess Diana died? I could do that to you." -Danielle has we are driving through the Liberty Tubes.
7. "What is going on here? Am I driving a 1980 Taurus?" - Danielle when something was wrong with her car.
8. "Not having a remote control is like not having legs to me." - Danielle
9. "What does it mean to you when your roommate has her covers over her head and is snoring?" - Kristin when I was annoying her.
10. "Im gonna be known as the 'fat one", we're going to be referred to as the fat one, the tall one, the short one, & the blonde one. Someone will be like 'who the blonde one' and then they'll say 'no! the fat one!'"~Danielle
11. "It came to me like a soft, summer's breeze, which i'd like to be by the way"~carly "Isn't that that stuff ppl dousch with?"~Kristin "No Kristin, that's summer's eve"~me "Should I dousch?"~D "No, they used to do that in the 80's all the time, its not supposed to be good for you"~Kristin. "u cant use a hot dog Danielle"~Carly
12. "Im so sexy that when I am sleeping, I miss myself." - Ryan
13. "Snow cone if I can touch your peepee," - Ryan in regards to Michael Jackson at his Neverland Ranch.
14. "Ryan needs a 'How's my Driving' sticker on the back of his car." - K.E.
15. "Thank you Victoria."-Career Woman, "You're welcome Secret" -Ryan about my push up bra.
16. "So you are saying that 'Gangs of New York' isn't about the crypts and the bloods?" - Carly
17. "Oh you do look like Balki,...oh no, it's not a bad thing, I like Balki!" - Danielle
18. “He wouldn’t believe his eyes if he saw your butt now!”~Kristin to me, “Whats that supposed to mean?”~me, “You’ve filled out”~ K, “Um that’s a nice way to say you got fat”~me, “No, you aren’t a psycho-anorexic-bitch anymore, you’re just a psycho-bitch!”~Kristin
19. "I'm coming home with something I don't have to pay for and I'm not talking about sand!" - Earl about spring break.
20. "Saddamm Hussein is the anti-christ, I've taken that title away from Bill Gates." - Danielle
21. "God Bless Duquesne" - Career Woman, "God Bless Baseball Season" - K.E.
22. "Honestly, we are in the f-ing twilight zone" - Career Woman
23. "I wish I had go-go-gadget arms" - Danielle when something isn't arms length.
24. "I want to rip into her skin" - Kristin about wanting to be Britney Spears.
25. "Graduating college in four years is like leaving a party at 10 o'clock." - Kristin's fiance Bri about 601 graduating college in four years.

This is just 25 of over a hundred and some witty, hiliarous, ridiculous things that we have said in one school year. Aren't we great? Don't you wish you roommed with us? Sorry only memories here kiddies - I advise all of you to start your own quote book. This is why we started this, so 2, 10, 15, 20 years down the road we can pull it out, drink some bubbly while our husbands are out golfing and laugh for hours! Love you all and miss you everyday!