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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Aaah, Unemployment is Grrrreat!

Um, yeah, okay - so everyone knows I am currently unemployed right? Which meant that I would be spending my days at home. computer-less. blog-less. I am sad and I know you all are, but blessed Duquesne has let us out of one class early, just so I have a good hour inbetween my next class just to blog. So again, coming to you live from Duquesne...it's an update and where in the hell A Career Woman has been for the last 5 days.

Friday, June 3: A Career Woman's last day being a "career woman." Yeah so I left work and decided that after the pay cut I would be taking, I needed to get my nails done. So I went with K Pac to go freshen up the "do" on my tips and out to dinner. Pumpkinface was working and her fiance was busy moving, so K Pac and I decided to make it a girl's night, which consisted of dinner and pop (blah) and talking about our weddings (yippee).

Saturday, June 4: Hair, Pool, and Syrian Food. Career Woman and Pumpkinface hung out around the house until he went to work, then I had another hair appointment for another step in the process of "Make Morgan a Blonde Bride for her Wedding" Afterwards, I went to take a dip in the pool. That is right, I said "pool," and it is "open," and I am going to go get "burnt," but of course, as life may have it, when I stepped foot out of the hair salon, there went the sun...right back into the cucky clouds (but not as cucky as cucky-face...whom is still cucky). Of course the love of my life was working, (life stinks but money doesn't) so I went out to eat with the fam at this awesome syrian restaurant for my aunt's last night home before going back to N.C. (the state). Which I definately topped off my syrian "garlic" meal, with two scoops of chocolate and black raspberry cones.

Sunday, June 5: A Day of Fun-In-The-Sun, Pumpkinface and I went to breakfast (as we typically do on family fun sundays) and then went to bask in the sun with beer and wine coolers at the pool with my family. It was a grrrrr-eat day! Um, yeah I got cooked, yep just like a turkey in the oven, only I was red, and sore, and still sore - 4 days later. But we had so much fun. Then off to the Olive Garden we went (mind you this was our second time during the same week to drive a half an hour to eat their breadsticks - we. are. obsessed.). And then we both literally went to bed at 8:30 when we got home.

Monday, June 6: More Sun, A Baseball Game, and a Meal with our Newly-Engaged Friends, Ash and Billy. We decided to go hang around the pool for a little during the day before my aunt was gonna head out. We got dressed afterwards and headed over to my little brother's baseball game. (whom, may i mind you, is the cutest thing in baseball pants this side of PA). After that, we met our friends for dinner, our treat, for their engagement. We had an awesomely good time again. (p.s.... and I joined the gym again, so get rid of my lard - which is a little late considering I am trying on bridal gowns tommorrow and Friday).

Tuesday, June 7: Work-out, Housewife and Bella at the Pool, Mall and Din-Din again. Pumpkinface and I are cute and stuff so we both leave and go to the gym at separate times, then meet up again for lunch. Well afterwards we had some company because HOUSEWIFE CAME HOME, to go dress shopping with me! Is she not the best? Go ahead...you can tell her! But she came home with my little flower girl and minature bride and I still, will, eat, their, faces, each time I am in their presence. Housewife and I swam allllllll day after Pumpkinface went to work and we. got. burnt. Yes it hurts. Yes we are red. But yes, it is worth it in the end. As long as skin cancer doesn't set in... then it probably wouldn't be worth it anymore now would it?! But afterwards, we headed to the mall for me to pick out some dresses for the million, gazillion weddings I have this summer and out to dinner. First off, let me remind you that I am fat. Yes, I believe I am, so don't yell at me, because it doesn't matter what you think, I think I am fat. Not that fat, but fat enough that I hate it and had to rejoin the gym. Actually, who am I kidding, I am beautiful regardless, now I just have curves! :) (Pictures will be coming when Housewife can post and I get my freakin' camera...).

Wednesday, June 8: Awards assembly, gym, lunch, houses, pool, then ....school. Today was very eventful, and the more I think of it, thank goodness I don't have a job to occupy all this time, because man, I am busy. Today was the last day of school, so my brother and sister were getting their awards. My brother is still in elementary and my sister is going to 10th grade, but they are both, so, verrrryyyyy different. Let's compare their awards (but, disclaimer, both I am equally proud of for various reasons.)
Brother's List of Awards: Top score in all subject areas including: Math, Science, History, Handwriting, Spelling, Reading, High Honor all year, and how cute, the Citizenship Award.
Sister's List of Awards: Most Likely to Turn Homework in Late, and Best Dressed.
Now, for those of you who know me, are well aware why I am equally proud of the both of them. Brother is so smart like his big sister Career Woman, and sister is so well presented due to Career Woman's clothes and outfit picks that I was all teary-eyed over the both of them. We've done well!

So now, as you have read at the top, I am at hell on earth - a.k.a. school. But, only 1 more class and those are tomorrow and then I am done with this 10:00 p.m. at night crap and onto a week long class next week from 9-5 (see, I definately shouldn't have a job). But ya'll, I promise that I am going to post comments as soon as I get another second to jump on this but I promise that I have been reading, and laughing, and enjoying. But ya'll better get excited, because - the camera and an abundant amount of pictures will be coming soon! Love ya and Miss ya!
-Career Woman


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