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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Beach Babies

I guess one of the rewards for making it through a horrifying New England Winter is getting to enjoy the beautiful beaches all summer long. Growing up in New Castle, I never had the luxury of only a 30 minutes drive to the ocean but this summer my girls will definitely become beach babies because I plan on taking advantage of every single nice day we get...At the beach!

Hampton Beach, NH on Monday.

Isabella couldn't get enough of the water. Her favorite? Sitting in the wet sand with her back towards the ocean and waiting for a wave to come and push her forward. You would think I handed her the keys to every amusement park in the world when I showed her that little trick. I would say she spent the majority of the time there riding the waves. Sophia on the other hand...She preferred playing in the sand. She was terrified of the waves (at first). That's my Sophia! Getting dirty every chance she gets!

My parents and my sister weren't prepared for the beach. Eh, that didn't stop them from jumping in...Clothes and all!

The highlight of the day? When Bella found a starfish. Also, a girl was crying hysterically at the beach, my dad approached her to see what was wrong. Apparently, she took off her wedding band and her engagement ring and set them on her lap while she applied sun block. Then a bug flew at her and she jumped up to swat it away just as the waves came further onto the beach and washed up right under her chair and her rings? Gone. She was hysterical! She said that the one ring wasn't even paid off yet nor was it insured. So, my dad called in the troops...We all started helping this girl look for her ring, hoping that they hadn't been washed away. People started coming over to see what was wrong and before you know it, we had 20 people digging in the sand all around where this girl had been sitting. After about 20 minutes, some lady found one of the rings, so we all began digging in that area and before you knew my dad pulled up the other ring. They were buried at least 3-4 inches under the sand. She was soooo lucky. She jumped up and hugged my dad (whom was a complete stranger to her), crying for like 5 minutes. Some of the people started crying too. See? People from New Castle aren't just the goofballs that swim in the ocean with their clothes on...They're heroes too! Ahhh, always drama!

From all the that digging for the ring, Bella started taking a liking to the sand.

And Sophia...Well she warmed up to the water. In fact she wasn't leaving without a fight. This is by far my favorite picture of the day. Here's my dad trying to get Sophia out of the water so we could head home. She's screaming "NO!" and splashing the cold water on her Pappy at the same time! He's shocked, no?

And you didn't think you were getting off that easy, did you? A day at the beach and no picture of my rear? HAH! At least I'm not bending over...That could get ugly.

Me and Bella making our way out to my sister, who of course was diving under, clothes and all!


It seems K Pac is having trouble sending me the pictures of Bella in her miniature bride dress and of me with a broken heel. That's too bad...The one of me hobbling out of the restaurant in uneven shoes was classic!

And.....If you read the previous post...Pumpkinface got Career Woman her digital camera YIPEE! What could be better than illustrated posts from CW? I can't wait.



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